Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Book Review of RULES of ENGAGEMENT by C. Michael Bennis

Rules Of Engagement was written by C. Miachael Bennis and published in 2009. You can purchase the book at or visit the author's website at

Rules of Engagement takes you on a romantic roller coaster ride of love, betrayal, searching, longing and what is really like to find that one true love, lose it, and then return back to it years later. C. Michael Bennis puts together a good story line that keeps you turning the pages to see where this romance is going to lead, but even more than that his dialogue amongst the characters is very entertaining to say the least.

Alec Santana is an athlete and on his way to being a top ad man and bestselling author. Upon his college graduation he visits Europe as a present from his parents and runs into Nicole Bocart, the woman of his dreams. They spend days together, falling in love, but making a set of rules that will leave Alec feeling a void in his life for the following twenty years. Because Nicole hails from an aristocratic French family and is engaged to be married upon her arrival back to Paris.

Alec moves to New York upon his return back to the US and becomes a successful advertising executive but he drifts through relationships. He can't keep Nicole out of his mind, his only true love, and he carries her with him into every new relationship he gets involved in. He is haunted by this lost love and can't find love with anyone else although he gets involved in several relationships. He becomes a great writer and ad man but thoughts of Nicole continue to play through his mind.

Eventually the two reunite after 22 years of separation and the truth comes out about Nicole's life after their initial affair. Nicole is now the CEO of one the most powerful advertising companies in the world and she wants Alec back just as much as he wants her back. The two have a brief reunion and then separate again due to Nicole's husband trying to sabotage Alec's name and career.

Rules of Engagement is a very well orchestrated romance novel that keeps you wanting to turn the page for more. The best part about it, to me, were the lines of dialogue between the characters. Some of those lines are simply priceless. If I had to choose an area that the writing lacks it would be the visual aspect of it. Some of the places mentioned in the novel could have been more visually descriptive than they were, but other than that it is a great read. I'm a romantic and can't stand the corny romantic stuff that gets put out there and this is not that. If it kept my attention, which it did then C. Michael Bennis definitely did his job.

Romance, suspense, and a good flowing story, Rules of Engagement has all of those elements combined. The romantic scenes could have been more descriptive, not pornographic, but descriptive in a tasteful way. The dialogue was excellent and the characters were presented as they should have been, individual. With that said Rules of Engagement definitely deserves "4 Spiders."
Yarima K.

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