Monday, October 7, 2013

Book Review of THE OMEGA PROJECT by Steve Alten

THE OMEGA PROJECT was written by Steve Alten and published through Forge Books in August, 2013. You may purchase this book at and you may learn more about the author at

Anytime a story starts out with a super computer running the show or a trip to outer space, I get nervous, so imagine my total paranoia when I began reading Steve Alten’s newest sci-fi thriller, THE OMEGA PROJECT. It has BOTH, a super computer and a planned trip to a far, distant world. But, then the story starts moving along and the ‘scary’ really begins.

‘Ike’ Eisenbraun is asked to join a team of would-be space travelers, before the start of their trip, to ferret out a psychopath in the group. Little does he know that the psychopath he is seeking is the super computer that he, himself invented. Slapped into a cryo tube against his will, Ike is taken back in time… or is it forward in time, to a place so unrecognizable, he is shocked to find he is actually still on earth, but millions of years into the future. Ike must figure out how to save himself as well as what’s left of the human race.

For this reader, Alten’s newest novel is reminiscent of H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Rice Burroughs, with strange creatures, inhospitable terrain, and danger at every turn. The evolutionary representations of future creatures are both far out, and at the same time, logical. The writing is fabulously descriptive and imaginative… two qualities that shine through all of Alten’s works.

THE OMEGA PROJECT is a pure adrenaline rush that made me hold my breath and hold on tighter as Alten lays it all out for the reader. No sci-fi lover will want to miss this one. I may have to dust off my copy of MEG and re-read it, just to keep the magic going.

Right on the mark and well worth the time, THE OMEGA PROJECT is easily a 5 spider read and Alten has another winner.

DJ Weaver
(for Suspense Magazine)

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