Thursday, May 29, 2014

Book Review of CAVE DWELLER by William Nikkel

CAVE DWELLER was written by William Nikkel and published through Suspense Publishing in March, 2014. You may purchase this book from and you may read more about William and his writing at www. 

A strangely glowing fog on the bay, a lost, sunken, World War II mini-sub, and a human skull the size of a grapefruit. Marine Biologist, Jack Ferrell is on the hunt for the legend of Hawaii’s famed Menehune people; a child-sized human species that lived 12,000 years ago. But Jack is convinced… they still live, and he thinks he’s figured out where.

Jack, along with a crack team of scientist, dive Kauai’s Na Pali coast, and into a lava tube that takes them to an underground beach complete with tiny huts, small footprints and lots of unanswered questions; until things turn dicey and people start dying.

With two of the team murdered, and Jack and the others captured by the Menehune, Jack believes they may all be sacrificed until he finds an ally among the small race of people. What happens next is suspense at its best.

William Nikkel has taken a tropical setting, a chance discovery, and a famous Hawaiian legend, and turned them into literary gold with his newest thriller, CAVE DWELLER.

Nikkel’s free-wheeling Jack Farrell character is intelligent, funny and likable with that touch of ‘bad-boy’ the ladies love. Just the man to lead the reader into this impressive story premise. Nikkel’s research and first-hand knowledge of Hawaii, and its many legends will mesmerize the reader, while his ability to spin a suspenseful tale, and his expert use of interesting characters to help move the story along, is top-notch.

Action, adventure, murder, and fear of the unknown, combine to make William Nikkel’s CAVE DWELLER, his best work yet, and put him in line for the top of the thriller genre heap.

Don’t miss this one… 5 spiders!

DJ Weaver

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