Sunday, January 11, 2015

Book Review of MOONLIGHT WEEPS by Vincent Zandri

MOONLIGHT WEEPS was written by Vincent Zandri and published through Down & Out Books. You may purchase this book at and you may read more about the author at

Dick Moonlight has a new client, and an old heartache in this newest installment of Vincent Zandri’s MOONLIGHT series. Moonlight is a private investigator with a bullet in his brain that threatens to end him at any minute. His new client is a brain surgeon, whose son is accused of ‘reckless murder’ in the suicide of a young woman… the daughter of a State Senator. But, the good doctor has secrets of his own, and Moonlight is left to his own devices as to how to clear the boy, while stopping the doctor’s devious and dangerous plans.

With an ‘Elvis’ impersonator for a sidekick, Russian Mafia bad guys, and double plays from all sides, Moonlight just wants to find the truth.

Zandri has hammered out another solid link in the ‘Moonlight’ chain and this one is the best yet. Characters that smack of authenticity, and a story line that will kick the reader’s backside with humor and bullets, this installment in Zandri’s series is thriller awesomeness. Stunning realism and full of action, “Moonlight Weeps” is a fantastic addition to the already acclaimed works of Vincent Zandri.
If you are a Dick Moonlight follower, you are in for a treat. 5 spiders for this action thriller.
And then there is Lola…

DJ Weaver

For Suspense Magazine

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