Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Book Review of TWISTED WIRE (An Enda Osin Mystery Book 2) by Ray Stone

TWISTED WIRE (An Enda Osin Mystery Book 2) was written and self-published by Ray Stone. You may purchase this book at  and you may read more about Ray at 

Ray Stone has written a fabulous piece of fiction and the second in the Enda Osin trilogy. To date I would say this is his best work.

Enda Osin, political columnist, once again becomes embroiled in a political scandal, this time of huge proportions. A strange call from a wrong number and Enda is investigating. What he gets into is political intrigue and scandal followed by sabotage and murder. The stakes are high and lives are at risk, especially Enda’s. With assistance from a few dedicated people, some strange, some not so, some out to settle a score, and all of them willing to risk their lives to help Enda get to the truth, they embark on a most dangerous mission.

The characters are wonderful and true to the part they play. I loved them, especially Fish, who enters the story early on and is an integral part. The action scenes are well-written and I had trouble putting the book down, wanting to see what would happen next.

I highly recommend this book and very much look forward to the next Enda adventure from Ray Stone which will be released in early 2015.  5 spiders for this one.

Cheers from Down Under…

Jennie J

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