Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Book Review of BORN OF SWORDS by Steven L. Shrewsbury

BORN OF SWORDS… what more can be said except Steven Shrewsbury has hit the mark again with his newest tale of Gorias La Gaul. This time out, La Gaul has a sidekick of sorts… enter scribe Jessica, who has heard the tales and travels to find Gorias to hear his stories first hand. What she finds, is a man, bigger than life, who takes on all comers, human or beast, with little thought for his own life and limb, but always with a tiny bit of ulterior motive.

La Gaul and Jessica travel together, pitting themselves against some of the nastiest men and most terrifying monsters imaginable, leading the reader on an adventure not soon to be forgotten. Shrewsbury’s characters are always crisp and refreshing and his descriptions of lands and kingdoms are glistening and spectacular.

If you have read other ‘La Gaul’ novels by Shrewsbury, you’ll definitely want to ride down this trail again. If you’ve never read a ‘La Gaul’ story, I can guarantee you will be scurrying to find more of his tales once you have devoured this one.

Monsters, madmen, danger, sword-play, and just the right amount of humor, make BORN OF SWORDS, the sword and sorcery, fantasy adventure you always wanted to read. Shrewsbury has done it again and BORN OF SWORDS is a hit NOT to be missed.

Five spiders for an entertainingly fun read.

DJ Weaver 

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