Monday, August 24, 2009

Music Review for Kings of Leon - Only By The Night

The new CD, Only By The Night by Kings Of Leon is the band's fourth CD release and is currently burning up every music chart on the planet. The band from Tennessee, consists of Calab Followill-lead vocals/rhythem guitar, Jared Followill-bass, Matthew Followill-lead guitar, and Nathan Followill-drums. Your eyes do not deceive you! These band members are all related and apparently, we know how to grow them in the south! These guys are not only super-talented musically, but are super-easy on the eyes as well. These guys are HOT, Ladies!
From tracks like Closer (my personal favorite) to Use Somebody, Crawl and Manhattan, this CD has something for everyone. Kings Of Leon succeeds in covering all spectrum of emotion on this CD and the diversity of the tracks makes it a great pick for anyone. The guitars are ringing and drive deep, while the strong lead and melodic, harmonious tones from the combined band will entrance you.
Kings Of Leon has been touring and performing since April of 2007 with little down-time. They are scheduled to resume their U.S. tour on September 8th and continue touring through October 22nd of this year. If the CD is any indication of how good these guys are in concert...please make my seats 'front row'. Or, better yet, move over down front because I'm pushing my way to the stage! Kings Of Leon has stedily been drawing not only a large, but also diverse and exciting group of fans to their concert venues. I highly recommend you give Kings Of Leon a try. But don't be surprised when they become your favorite band and Only By The Night becomes the next favorite CD that never leaves your player.
C.K. Webb

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Robert Crull said...

Great review. I will go check them out now.


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