Monday, September 7, 2009

Book Review for 'The Dark Path' by Luke Romyn

'The Dark Path', written by Luke Romyn and published by Wild Child Publishing, is the story of Martin Roberts who, having watched his wife and daughter die cruel and tortured deaths right before his eyes, becomes the accomplished assassin Vain. Also referred to as The Dark Man, Vain is an absolute expert at the killer-for-hire game and the reason he is so good is because he unquestionably enjoys his work. No longer caring about himself or his previous life, he becomes an expert in death, dolling out punishment for the highest bidder. He is so accomplished at his profession that his name is only spoken in whispers and anyone who meets him and lives to tell about it, also lives in fear of the evil that emanates from his very soul.
That is, until he meets Priest, who finds the The Dark Man and aids him when he is left for dead. But Priest has a mission for Vain; one that will literally take him on a journey to Hell and back. Vain will have to do battle with the ages-old and unbelievably powerful Empath; leader of The Souls of Sordarrah, and all his evil minions. All this to save the life of the Avun-Riah, a young boy named Sebastian, who, if sacrificed to the Sordarrah, would bring about the fall of mankind and allow the dominion of Evil to reign forever more on earth.
Luke Romyn has descriptively brought to life the most gruesomely evil-incarnate harbingers of Hell while also bringing forth the most Divine visions of Heavenly entities in this imaginative and gripping story of a man turned evil by hatred and then redeemed by caring. Mr. Romyn's sprawling vistas of unholy places and unnatural beings will make you glad you live in the normal world and may make you a little afraid to turn out the lights. This story is wonderfully written and excitingly powerful from beginning to end. I absolutely enjoyed this book and will be anxious to pick up another Luke Romyn masterpiece in the very near future.
I give this book a 4-spider rating.
DJ Weaver


Marna Loftis said...

To all who LOVE an AMAZING, "drag you in fast & never let you go until the end" read: This book is a MUST READ!

The Dark Path, get yours today!!! An absolutely wonderful Dark Fiction writer, Luke Roymn is also one hell of a great guy! Who could ask for more?

Anonymous said...

As an avid reader of horror novels, I was hoping to be blown away by THE DARK PATH, by author Luke Romyn. In the book, an assassin named Vain is forced into protecting a young boy, Sebastian, against a cult of demons attempting to sacrifice the boy in order to raise a demonic lord from Hell.

I will say that the story keeps moving forward pretty well and every scene furthers the plot of the book. But, I found the scene descriptions wordy and hard to visualize. The character descriptions are decent but I had difficulty connecting with Vain, the assassin, and Sebastian, the boy he is trying to save. As a reader, I want three-dimensional characters that I relate to, care about, and that “stay with me” after I finished the book. I definitely didn’t have this experience with this novel.

In my opinion, there are much better horror novels available for readers to spend their hard earned money on and this one I would call a “pass”.

Thanks for opportunity to comment!

Unknown said...

Being an author myself, I couldn't refrain from posting this. I've read just an excerpt of the novel, but don't think it should be a "pass"... Of course everyone has the right to express their own opinions, I just think the author has much and great experience and good writing skills, so anything that came out of his pen should be worthed reading.
I usually don't like stories that deal with usual, already ordinary creatures, characters like demons, cults, dragons, elves, wizards with sharp hats, vampires, etc. There should be striving to create new ones (I do that in my books: weightless korks, fish-keepers, night fruit, fiery men, rock pieces, etc), the old are too ordinary already. Yet, it doesn't mean that the plot of the story and the wisdom there aren't more important!
Finally, I would like to disagree with a thought the author has on his site: "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that." Martin Luther King Jr
Every rule has exeptions, in Bulgaria we have a saying: Only a thief could catch a thief, I also think that One can fight money only with money (from my Tale Of The Rock Pieces)?