Thursday, October 8, 2009

Book Review for 'Stop Me' by Richard Jay Parker

Richard Jay Parker was born in South Wales but later moved to London, where he was a successful TV scriptwriter, script editor and producer. He now resides in Salisbury, England.
Stop Me was published by Allison & Busby Limited and is available for purchase on or at
"howdy doody,
on vacation
slim, attractive dreadlocked babe with a fun sticky-out belly button, likes rabbit fur
forward this e-mail to ten friends
each of those friends must forward it to ten friends
maybe one of those friends of friends will be one of my friends
if this e-mail ends up in my inbox within one week I wont slit the bitches throat
can you afford not to send this to ten friends?
Strangely written and punctuated, this email begins Richard Jay Parker's novel Stop Me and instantly you are intrigued and drawn in. A killer is sending out cryptic e-mails and at first no one takes them seriously, until the boiled jawbone of Cody Solomon arrives wrapped in a rabbit skin scarf to the Wyoming Police Department. Leo Sharpe receives a similar e-mail but dismisses it as a hoax. Leo later learns the description of the latest victim matches that which was given in the e-mail he received but discarded. Leo wonders if he could have stopped this from happening and is plagued with guilt.
When Leo's wife Laura disappears from a restaurant, police are certain that she has become another in a along line of victims of The Vacation Killer. Months go by with no jawbone and no leads as to Laura's whereabouts but Leo still holds onto hope.
Through fate and perseverance Leo meets Bookwalter, the man who claims responsibility for Laura's disappearance and Leo is quickly drawn into his web. But nothing in Stop Me is what it seems and Leo's fifteen-month journey to find his wife, takes many strange turns.
I was quite fond of the way Parker wrote his lead character Leo. "If the key goes in smoothly, I will see Laura again!" was just one of the many child-like ways, Leo would barter with the universe for his wife's return. The storyline for the book is fantastic and will make you cringe any time you receive an e-mail from a stranger asking you to forward to ten friends...Can you really afford not to?
I recommend this book to anyone who loves a good thriller and doesn't mind a great, big dose of shock at the end of a good read. Richard Jay Parker's originality will give you the creeps and will keep you guessing til the very end. I give Stop Me a 4 spider rating and hope you enjoy this page turner.
CK Webb

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