Thursday, February 25, 2010

Book Review For 'Software By The Kilo' by Larry Ketchersid

Software By The Kilo was written by Larry Ketchersid and published on December 1, 2009 by JoSara Media. It is available for purchase at
So you have an astonishing piece of software that you've developed but no funds to market your product or investors to back you. What do you do? If you are Jason and Kenny, the main characters in Software By The Kilo, you get Italian drug smuggler Roberto Campioni as your primary investor of course! As Jason and Kenny become more and more entangled with Campioni, a few things become crystal clear; 1) The guys may have made the biggest mistake of their lives and 2) The Feds and Interpol are hot on their trail.
I heartily enjoyed Software By The Kilo, with it's well thought out and original storyline. The interaction between the techies and the goons was hysterical and a little creepy. Larry Ketchersid also did something I adore in a book... he wove fiction in with historical facts which gave the story that 'extra something' I am always looking for. I am not a software geek and get lost in the technical wording and language, but Larry found a way to get me through Software By The Kilo unscathed and even feeling a little bit smarter than when I began reading.
I am giving Software By The Kilo a 4-spider rating and recommending this book to anyone looking for a fresh voice in the literary world. Invest in this book but...please, keep away from the Italian drug Lords.
CK Webb

Book Review For 'Prophecy Of Power' by Andrew Parker

Prophecy Of Power was written by Andrew Parker and is available for purchase at This is the debut novel for Andrew Parker with a follow-up entitled The Doomsday Preachers due out later this year.
Jacob Droutman was raised in New York along with his older brother, who mysteriously vanishes one day and is never heard from again. In adulthood, Jacob becomes a rabbi and though he practices and preaches his faith on the outside, inside he questions everything, including the Jewish concept of God and whether he is following the right path. In a twist that seems too coincidental, Jacob is handed a packet by a beautiful woman and invited to a seminar on Revelations and its prophecies. After the seminar Jacob has more questions than answers but the stakes suddenly become clearer as Jacob realizes the answers he seeks may lie in Israel, or at the end of a bullet.
I have to say that when I began reading Prophecy Of Power, I was skeptical as to whether I would enjoy it. But as I read on, Andrew Parker's story spun an amazing web of lies, deceit and cover-ups and I was quickly ensnared. The book is very fast paced and I caught myself gripping the edge of every page anxious to get to the next. Andrew's lead character Jacob, is real and down to earth and I could not help but want great things for him.
I anxiously await the release of Andrew's next book The Doomsday Preachers, and I will be watching this author's career closely, cheering him on in all his endeavors. I am giving Prophecy Of Power a 4-spider rating and recommending this book to all who enjoy a great mystery. Though the book could use some polishing I believe that with the right people behind him, this budding new author could become a huge literary force...Look Out World, Andrew Parker is on his way!
CK Webb

Book Review of 'Ed On My Shoulder: The Boy With No Friends' by T.L. Moore Review by R.E. Webb

Ed On My Shoulder: The Boy With No Friends was written by T.L. Moore and is available from and
R.E. Webb, age 11 : Ed On My Shoulder is the best book I have read in my whole life. My favorite part was when Ed and Eric became good friends because Eric felt all alone and had no one to play with. The sweetest part in the whole book was when Ed had to leave to go help other kids and Eric looked at Ed and said, "You will always be my angel on my shoulder, Ed." Thank you T.L. Moore for letting me read and review your book. Also to T.L. Ball; the pictures you drew were great. I give Ed On My Shoulder 5 spiders.
RE Webb

Ed On My Shoulder is the story of Eric, a young boy who is ofter shunned bacause of physical limitations he has had since birth. When Eric's father passes away and he and his mother are forced to move to a new city, Eric feels alone and angry at the world and at God. One day Eric meets Ed, an angel sent from heaven to help Eric through this difficult time in his life and to let him know that he is never alone. As Eric and Ed become close friends, Eric learns to love himself and to let others love him as well, and he finds real friends along the way.
When my 11 year old asked to review this book I was a little skeptical and wondered how well she would like Ed On My Shoulder, as she is an avid reader of other genres. When she emerged from her bedroom, after devouring the book in one sitting, with tears in her eyes and a smile on her face, I knew that Ed On My Shoulder had been a winner. I highly recommend this sweet children's book not only to children, but to parents as well. T.L.Moore has created, a wonderful and enjoyable story for children, and an excellent teaching tool for life. Anyone, no matter their age, can learn empathy and compassion from this delightful little book.
CK Webb

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Book Review for 'Tears Of Pearl' by Tasha Alexander

Tears Of Pearl was written by Tasha Alexander and published September 1, 2009 by Minotaur Books.
Lady Emily and her new husband Colin Hargreaves have set out on an amazing honeymoon to exotic Turkey. While traveling there, they meet Sir Richard who tells the sorrowful story of his wife's brutal murder and the kidnapping of his daughter Ceyden, some twenty years prior. Upon their arrival in Constantinople, the newlyweds are immediately overwhelmed by the murder of a harem girl, who as it is discovered, happens to be the kidnapped daughter of Sir Richard. Lady Emily and Colin make a promise to help uncover the identity of her killer and give Ceyden justice. The two soon discover that the world of the Sultan and his harem are very different from that of any other. As the body count continues to rise, Lady Emily is confronted with the truths of harem life and the harsh reality of society's view of a woman's place in the world.
The passages in Tears Of Pearl are vivid and descriptive with language that flows with beauty indicative of the era. Tasha Alexander weaves the reader directly into the story and its surroundings while bringing the characters to life with her signature writing style. This book reads like a movie playing out in your mind as each page is turned and the excitement builds. I am giving Tears Of Pearl a 4-spider rating and would gladly swim the Bosphorus to read the next 'Lady Emily' installment from Tasha Alexander.
CK Webb
Please see Tasha's interview with WebbWeaver at under 'Interviews'

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Movie Review of 'The Time Traveler's Wife' - rated PG-13

The Time Traveler's Wife was released in theatres on August 14, 2009 and on DVD February 09, 2010. It stars Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams and was directed by Robert Schwentke.
Henry DeTamble, played by Bana, is five years old when he discovers, in a most tragic way, his amazing ability to travel through time. As Henry ages and continues through his life, popping in and out of different times, he meets Clare Abshire, played by McAdams, as a young child. Realizing that he often visits the same location more than once, the two become fast friends, he as a man and she as a child. They continue to meet in a meadow throughout Clare's life. When the two finally meet as adults, Clare already knows the details of Henry's unusual gift and has loved the man her whole life. Together they begin anew and embark on a journey of love and family, all the while seeking some sense of normalcy in their awkward circumstances.
The only question that remains is, can love endure the tests of time and time travel? Eric Bana plays a magnificent role as Henry the time traveler and Rachel McAdams is sweet and endearing as Clare. I believe my advantage with watching The Time Traveler's Wife, was that I had not read the novel prior to seeing the DVD, therefore it was easy to view the film and not be biased by any prior knowledge of the book. The Time Traveler's Wife is romantic and beautiful and it's characters complex and memorable.
I am giving The Time Traveler's Wife a 4-spider rating. Do I think you should see this film? A thousand times 'Yes'.
CK Webb

Monday, February 8, 2010

Book Review for 'The Georges' Wife' by Elizabeth Jolley

The George's Wife was written by celebrated Australian author Elizabeth Jolley who passed away in 2007. It is being released as part of The Vera Wright Trilogy which contains three previously released books. My Father's Moon was published by Penguin Books, Australia and Harper & Row, New York in 1989. Cabin Fever was published by Penguin Books, Australia and Harper & Row, New York in 1990. The Georges' Wife was originally published by Penguin Books, Australia in 1993.
This 3-in-1 volume of The Vera Wright Trilogy is being published for the first time anywhere in the world by Persea Books, New York and includes the first ever U.S. release of The Georges' Wife. This book is available for pre-release order through
Vera Wright tells her moving story as she takes a job working for and living with the Georges', a well-to-do brother and sister. Vera goes through all the emotion of discovering who she is and the place she wants to hold in the world, as a secret relationship develops with the much older Mr. George. Through everyday struggles with life and death and the role they play in her life, Vera evolves into a wonderful mother to her two children, a loving and steadfast companion for Miss George and a longing and faithful lover to Mr.George.
The Georges' Wife is beautifully written and echoes of classic authors who have come before Elizabeth Jolley. With a writing style akin to Flannery O'Conner and Jane Austin, Elizabeth Jolley is sure to become one of the greats in classic literature and a premier writer of our time. I am giving The Georges' Wife a 4-spider rating. If poignant, heartfelt and soulful expression is what you seek in a novel then The Vera Wright Trilogy is the moving modern-day classic you seek.
CK Webb

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Independent Film Review of 'Intolerable Questions' by David Baeumler

Intolerable Questions is a collection of short films by independent film maker and writer David Baeumler. Intolerable Questions is available for purchase at and you can visit David's website to read more about this talented man and his endeavours.
David's short films have played at many film festivals the world over such as The Los Angeles Film Festival, Bennial of Moving Images, Geneva, Anthology Film Archives, NYC and VideoEX, Zurich. When we were asked to review a collection of independent films, I jumped at the opportunity. This is a first for WebbWeaver but I am hopeful it will not be our last. There are several short films included on the disc and every one comes with its very own unique message and voice. I fell in love with the short film Kuboa and found it haunting and beautifully written and narrated. I Cannot Understand You is quirky and fresh and I laughed out loud a couple of times while watching it. Safety is deeply moving and made me question the importance of so many things including my own existence as a human being. Amazingly, I had never heard of any of these short films nor had I heard of David himself until a friend and colleague suggested I follow him on Twitter...and the rest is, shall we say, history!
I feel like I have been living under a rock, having never been to a film festival and have officially added that to my list of things to do. Thank you so much, David for not only having the artistic talent and flow to create these wonderful little films, but for giving me the opportunity to view them and love them.
I am giving Intolerable Questions a 4-spider rating and urging you to see this collection of independent films and to broaden your horizons as I intend to do. "Character is the ability to govern which thoughts become action." -David Baeumler-
CK Webb