Monday, February 8, 2010

Book Review for 'The Georges' Wife' by Elizabeth Jolley

The George's Wife was written by celebrated Australian author Elizabeth Jolley who passed away in 2007. It is being released as part of The Vera Wright Trilogy which contains three previously released books. My Father's Moon was published by Penguin Books, Australia and Harper & Row, New York in 1989. Cabin Fever was published by Penguin Books, Australia and Harper & Row, New York in 1990. The Georges' Wife was originally published by Penguin Books, Australia in 1993.
This 3-in-1 volume of The Vera Wright Trilogy is being published for the first time anywhere in the world by Persea Books, New York and includes the first ever U.S. release of The Georges' Wife. This book is available for pre-release order through
Vera Wright tells her moving story as she takes a job working for and living with the Georges', a well-to-do brother and sister. Vera goes through all the emotion of discovering who she is and the place she wants to hold in the world, as a secret relationship develops with the much older Mr. George. Through everyday struggles with life and death and the role they play in her life, Vera evolves into a wonderful mother to her two children, a loving and steadfast companion for Miss George and a longing and faithful lover to Mr.George.
The Georges' Wife is beautifully written and echoes of classic authors who have come before Elizabeth Jolley. With a writing style akin to Flannery O'Conner and Jane Austin, Elizabeth Jolley is sure to become one of the greats in classic literature and a premier writer of our time. I am giving The Georges' Wife a 4-spider rating. If poignant, heartfelt and soulful expression is what you seek in a novel then The Vera Wright Trilogy is the moving modern-day classic you seek.
CK Webb

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