Thursday, February 25, 2010

Book Review For 'Prophecy Of Power' by Andrew Parker

Prophecy Of Power was written by Andrew Parker and is available for purchase at This is the debut novel for Andrew Parker with a follow-up entitled The Doomsday Preachers due out later this year.
Jacob Droutman was raised in New York along with his older brother, who mysteriously vanishes one day and is never heard from again. In adulthood, Jacob becomes a rabbi and though he practices and preaches his faith on the outside, inside he questions everything, including the Jewish concept of God and whether he is following the right path. In a twist that seems too coincidental, Jacob is handed a packet by a beautiful woman and invited to a seminar on Revelations and its prophecies. After the seminar Jacob has more questions than answers but the stakes suddenly become clearer as Jacob realizes the answers he seeks may lie in Israel, or at the end of a bullet.
I have to say that when I began reading Prophecy Of Power, I was skeptical as to whether I would enjoy it. But as I read on, Andrew Parker's story spun an amazing web of lies, deceit and cover-ups and I was quickly ensnared. The book is very fast paced and I caught myself gripping the edge of every page anxious to get to the next. Andrew's lead character Jacob, is real and down to earth and I could not help but want great things for him.
I anxiously await the release of Andrew's next book The Doomsday Preachers, and I will be watching this author's career closely, cheering him on in all his endeavors. I am giving Prophecy Of Power a 4-spider rating and recommending this book to all who enjoy a great mystery. Though the book could use some polishing I believe that with the right people behind him, this budding new author could become a huge literary force...Look Out World, Andrew Parker is on his way!
CK Webb

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