Thursday, February 25, 2010

Book Review For 'Software By The Kilo' by Larry Ketchersid

Software By The Kilo was written by Larry Ketchersid and published on December 1, 2009 by JoSara Media. It is available for purchase at
So you have an astonishing piece of software that you've developed but no funds to market your product or investors to back you. What do you do? If you are Jason and Kenny, the main characters in Software By The Kilo, you get Italian drug smuggler Roberto Campioni as your primary investor of course! As Jason and Kenny become more and more entangled with Campioni, a few things become crystal clear; 1) The guys may have made the biggest mistake of their lives and 2) The Feds and Interpol are hot on their trail.
I heartily enjoyed Software By The Kilo, with it's well thought out and original storyline. The interaction between the techies and the goons was hysterical and a little creepy. Larry Ketchersid also did something I adore in a book... he wove fiction in with historical facts which gave the story that 'extra something' I am always looking for. I am not a software geek and get lost in the technical wording and language, but Larry found a way to get me through Software By The Kilo unscathed and even feeling a little bit smarter than when I began reading.
I am giving Software By The Kilo a 4-spider rating and recommending this book to anyone looking for a fresh voice in the literary world. Invest in this book but...please, keep away from the Italian drug Lords.
CK Webb

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