Friday, March 26, 2010

Book Review for 'Terminal Neglect' by Michael Rushnak

Terminal Neglect was published in 2008 by Publishing Works, Inc. and is available through
Commissioner of Health, Dr. Jonathan Rogers is in line for Surgeon General of the United States. But his inability to play the political games in Washington and a visit from a man named Peter Chambers, stating that Rogers' own oncologist should be jailed for medical malpractice and murder, sets Rogers on a path that takes him through a life-threatening series of kidnappings, murders and treachery that will shake his world and make him wonder who is really calling the shots in the US Health Care System today.
Michael Rushnak writes from the heart and brings us up close with what can really happen when drug companies will do anything for a profit and our government and elected officials let it happen. The characters in Terminal Neglect are straight forward and intriguing and the story unfolds with the speed and force of a freight train. Terminal Neglect will keep you on the edge and make you wonder if you can really trust the health care system in this country. Terminal Neglect is a great page-turner with continuous action and will have you wanting more from this first-time author. I am giving this action-packed novel a 4-spider rating. Bravo to Dr. Rushnak and Terminal Neglect.
DJ Weaver

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