Monday, April 26, 2010

Writer's Competition Winner: 'POWERLESS: Book 1 The Synthesis' by Jason Letts

We began our writer's competition by asking unpublished authors to send in their very best. We were immediately overrun with entries from almost every genre. We then began the tedious task of narrowing down the entries to 4 finalists. We had our work cut out for us, but with a little help from our mentor, we were finally able to pin down a winner from these wonderful literary works.
The four finalists are a very diverse group of writers, each with a very unique voice, making our task of choosing just one, extremely difficult. In the end, we chose the entry with the freshest storyline and most fluid writing style. WebbWeaver is proud to congratulate our winner, Jason Letts, on his entry POWERLESS: Book 1 The Synthesis.
Jason Letts is currently writing and teaching English in Hiroshima, Japan. After spending all of his 26 years engrossed in stories of print and screen, he felt compelled to make his own contribution to the literary world; the POWERLESS series being the fruit of those labors. Above all else, he aspired to fashion a story that illuminates the incredible accomplishments every passionate, dedicated person is capable of.
POWERLESS is a YA fantasy about an ordinary young girl living in a world full of people with extraordinary powers or gifts. Mira Ipswich has spent all of her 15 years with her mother and father at Cloud Cottage. A veil of mist has always surrounded their home, giving the impression that no other people or things exist. But when a mysterious face appears in the mist, Mira's parents are forced to reveal the truth about the world outside Cloud Cottage and the unique people who inhabit that world. Mira is given the choice to stay or venture out and chooses to explore the new world. Mira enrolls in school with the 'gifted' children, and is shunned for her lack of powers. What Mira discovers on her journey are the dangers that lie in the world and that no one is ever POWERLESS.
I enjoyed this novel from Jason Letts and was entranced by the writer's ability to bring together this unlikely group of kids. With some editing and a good agent, I truly believe that this series of books could be a hit in the YA book world. I look forward to reading Book 2 in the series and will watch this budding young author's career with great enthusiasm.
Jason's entry will be forwarded to two literary agents for critiquing. Jason will also be offered a professional editing session and help with a query letter. Thank you again to all our entrants and Good Luck to Jason Letts in all his future endeavours.
CK Webb

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Book Review of 'The Organ Grinder' by Sara Curran-Ross

The Organ Grinder by Sara Curran-Ross was published in 2009 by and is available for purchase from
When award-winning journalist Rebecca Eaton heads into a troubled, third-world country to interview a Human Rights activist, she is captured and tortured by rebels and ends up at the border missing her memory and one kidney. Rebecca's life is again threatened as she lies in her hospital bed. But this time, Rebecca's employer sends Dominic Kane and his group of security experts to the rescue. Being former lovers, Rebecca and Dominic are well acquainted but even though Rebecca has lost her memory, she still feels a great sense of safety when he is around.
Now Dominic, Rebecca and the small force of men are in a running battle to protect the earth-shattering secrets that were divulged to Rebecca, and also to protect her life.
Sara Curran-Ross has brilliantly written a story of international intrigue, murder and mayhem in a war torn, third-world country. Curran-Ross has clearly depicted the characters' emotions and aptly described the war-torn region she writes about. The Organ Grinder is an action-packed ride into the world of black market organ collection and will leave you shivering in your shoes.
Well-written and exciting, I am giving The Organ Grinder a 4-spider rating and recommending that you put this great novel on your 'must read' list!
DJ Weaver

Book Review for 'Classmate Murders' by Bob Moats

Classmate Murders by Bob Moats was published in 2009 by Magic 1 Production, and can be purchased from
Someone is killing the cheer leading squad from Jim Richards' high school. When a pleading email from a high school friend reaches Jim, he immediately calls and finds that the sender has been brutally murdered. Jim and his friend, Buck quickly begin to sleuth out the killer before any more classmates are killed. But Jim and Buck are just one step behind the killer and several more high school friends are murdered in rapid succession. Jim and Buck finally catch up to Penny Wickens who is now a TV talk show host, and convince her that she is in danger and they want to help.
What follows is a race to save Penny from the attempts on her life and if she and Jim happen to fall in love in the meantime, well so be it.
Classmate Murders is the first in the Jim Richards Crime series and Bob Moats has a winner. This book is written in an easy style and keeps you riveted as Jim and Buck help the police in an all out battle of wits with the bad guys. Moats' quick humor and laid back writing will keep you turning the pages all the way to the end. Jim Richards is a hero for the older set and you will surely enjoy this book. I am giving Classmate Murders a 4-spider rating and I recommend this read to anyone who loves a good crime novel!
DJ Weaver

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Book Review for 'One Hundred Great French Books' by Lance Donaldson-Evans

One Hundred Great French Books: From The Middle Ages To Present was written by Lance Donaldson-Evans and released by Blue Ridge Publishers on March 31, 2010. It is available for purchase at
One Hundred Great French Books is a glorious compilation of many of the books we have grown to love and a few we had simply forgotten. This book lays out with quick and beautiful detail, the story behind the author, characters and plot origin of each book while providing the reader with a generous synopsis of each. One Hundred Great French Books has well written and descriptive passages that will fuel your need to read the poignant and timeless works of literary art synopsized between its pages. This book is a wonderful reference tool not only for a student but also for the avid reader and lover of the written word.
From such works as, La Chanson de Roland(ca. 1095 The Song Of Roland )to La Possibilite' d'une ile(2005 The Possibility Of An Island), the choices abound. If, after reading One Hundred Great French Books you still have not found that which you seek, the author invites you to explore 50 more wonderful French titles in the Afterword. Every genre imaginable spills forth in One Hundred Great French Books and a tickling of intrigue can be felt for them all. Merci beaucoup Lance Donaldson-Evans for this highly enlightening read.
CK Webb

Friday, April 2, 2010

Book Review for 'The Amoveo Legacy' by Sara Taney Humphreys

The Amoveo Legacy by Sara Taney Humphreys is the first book in The Amoveo Series and was published in 2009 by Devine Destinies. It is available for purchase at
The Amoveo people are a powerful and ancient race of shape shifters and Malcolm Drew is of the Eagle Clan. For centuries his race has been hunted by the Caedo family, a group of humans who discovered the existence of the Amoveo and have vowed to hunt down and wipe out every single one.
Malcolm needs his mate or he will be doomed to a solitary existence and early death. Samantha Logan is an ordinary girl who wakes up one morning needing to see her grandmother. Something seemed to draw her there and when she arrives, she feels so at home. But she also feels drawn to the house next door and she can't shake the feeling that someone or something there is waiting for her.
The Amoveo Legacy is a story of destiny and two people drawn together by a bond that has spanned centuries. Sara Taney Humphreys has written a story of finding love in a world where all is not as it seems and where ancient secrets can change a man into a beast in a split second.
This book has it all: solid action, great description and Oh the love...! Samantha and Malcolm are great characters and the passion and intensity they invoke is exquisite. With just a bit of editing, this up and coming series could go major for Sara Taney Humphreys.
I'm giving The Amoveo Legacy a 4-spider rating and suggesting that you read this great tale as soon as possible.
DJ Weaver

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Book Review for 'Maneater II: PREY' by Thomas Emson

Thomas Emson's PREY was published in February 2010 by Snow Books and is available for purchase at or You can also catch Thomas Emson on Twitter @thomasemson.
Eight years ago Trafalgar Square, in the heart of London, was torn apart by a fierce battle that raged between two werewolf families. Many people were killed that day. Those that survived did so because of a werewolf named Laura Greenacre...the last of her bloodline.
In the years since, a network of protectors have emerged who keep Laura safe so that she will never be found. Their goal is to protect the werewolf as she protected them all those years ago. Ruth Templeton has other plans. When a Russian gangster is found with his crew, murdered and torn apart, Moscow cop Lev Dasaev is on the hunt for the killer. The investigation takes him to New York and what he discovers will unravel all his beliefs. Nightmare becomes reality and werewolves are set loose to wreak havoc in Times Square, as the final battle unfolds.
I cannot say enough good things about Thomas Emson's PREY. From the very first page of PREY, I was completely enthralled. Thomas Emson grabs you with his incredible writing style and descriptive passages and MAKES you believe. PREY is bloody but also beautiful and in a category all its own. I feverishly devoured this book and was crushed when the last page was turned. I would recommend this to any reader who loves an action packed nail-biter from beginning to end. But keep in mind, PREY is not for the faint of heart. PREY has become my new favorite in werewolf books!
I am giving Thomas Emson's PREY a 5-spider rating and urging you to pick up this novel. Monsters and myth collide and Thomas Emson has captured them impeccably in his book PREY.
CK Webb