Saturday, June 19, 2010

Book Review of 'Horns' by Joe Hill

Our guest reviewer Sonya Price, is not only a good friend and member of our WebbWeaver/Book End Babes book club, but an avid reader. Sonya is known for her love of the written word in all genres and devours books at an alarming rate. Who better to give our readers a review of Joe Hill's latest novel, Horns?
Horns was written by Joe Hill and published in February, 2010 by William Morrow. It is available for purchase at
Ig is a man that has been hurt beyond measure by the people who are supposed to love and protect him. When the love of his life is brutally murdered, Ig is wrongly accused of the crime. Although he is never formally charged in the murder, he is still presumed to be the killer. After a long night of drinking, Ig wakes up to discover that he has a new set of horns growing from his forehead and a new set of abilities to go along with them.
Unable to grasp what is happening to him and why, he sets out on a guest to find answers. As his journey unfolds, Ig is forced to see the ugly truths that people carry around inside of them including the truth of who murdered his beloved Marrin. His new quest now is to punish that person for the loss he suffered and the pain he still feels, "Hell hath no fury..."
Horns captured my attention from the very first page and I loved the premise of the story. I am not a writer...I am a reader. I am the type of reader who gets bored if you try to give me too many details and I didn't feel it was necessary to include every tiny fact about Ig and Marrin's lives to the point when she was killed. Having said that, I did like the book very much and the story kept me entertained and wanting more. I read half the book in one sitting, only putting it down out of necessity. You do get emotionally attached to Joe Hill's characters in Horns. I became completely engrossed in their lives and felt all of the emotion intended by the writer. I felt Ig's confusion, his pain and I felt his desire and need for revenge. I would definitely recommend this book to my friends.
The characters, the storyline and the underlying lessons of the book were what made it a wonderful read. Although billed as a horror, for me, it was so much more. It is a wonderful combination of gore and horror that has a lesson to teach and a point to make.
Excellent writing Mr. Hill! I anxiously await your next novel. I am giving Joe Hill's Horns, a 4-spider rating but beware... The Devil always has his due...!
Sonya Price

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