Thursday, July 22, 2010

Book Review for 'CAIN'S VERSION' by Frank Durham

CAIN'S VERSION was written by Frank Durham and published by Iroquois Press. It is available for purchase at & .
Lindy Caton is recently divorced and calls Acheron, Louisiana home, when she stumbles upon a group of older women living in a run-down homestead. Lindy gets to know the women over time and becomes entranced with the stories the women tell of their pasts and of a far away life; stories that bare a remarkable resemblance to tales plucked straight from the Bible. As Lindy notices the strangeness of the women, their speech and their mannerisms, she also takes note of their uncanny way with a mentally and physically challenged young boy whom had before seemed, unreachable. With the arrival of Cain, comes the realization that the women's biblical tales are in fact, snippets of their actual lives. Cain has travelled to the ends of the earth seeking out the things that only his mother can provide...Forgiveness and absolution.
CAIN'S VERSION is a 2008 'ForeWord Book Of The Year' finalist for literary fiction as well as the winner of the 2009 Bronze 'IPPY' award in literary fiction. A book for the dedicated reader, CAIN'S VERSION is sure to draw you in from its beginning and hold you tight in its grasp until the last moving page. I am giving CAIN'S VERSION a 4-spider rating and urging you to take a chance on this masterfully crafted, post-Eden novel. It is truly unlike anything I have ever read.
Though Frank Durham passed away soon after publishing his only novel CAIN'S VERSION, he left us with a tale that could easily be called, for generations to come, a 'classic'. We have a unique and wonderful opportunity to read the literary legacy left behind by this author...let us not waste it.
CK Webb

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