Saturday, July 17, 2010

Book Review for 'A LEAP OF FAITH' by Sabine S. Goldman

A LEAP OF FAITH was written by Sabine S. Goldman and published in 2009 by Eloquent Books. It is available for purchase at
Faith is a very curious pixie and often watches the humans that venture close to her home in Windhill Tree. But when her father, one of the elders of the pixies, discovers that Faith has broken the laws and risked exposure of their way of life, his punishment for Faith is more than she can bare. Confused and afraid, Faith runs away but is captured by Sam, a human girl, who is just as curious about pixies as Faith is about humans. The two share an unusual bond and together with Ryan, another human friend, the three set out to Windhill Tree to plead with Faith's father to remove her punishment and allow humans into the sacred pixie world.
A LEAP OF FAITH is a lovely children's book with a simple message about friendship, trust and acceptance of others no matter their differences. I am giving A LEAP OF FAITH a 4-spider rating and recommending it, not only to middle grade readers but to children of all ages. Fantasy and reality collide beautifully in this sweet pixie tale. Who knows...perhaps you will stumble across a little pixie dust as you indulge in this charming little book.
CK Webb


Unknown said...

Mmmm..I liked the comment about friendship, trust and acceptance.

Tina D said...

This looks like it might be a interesting book. I will have to look to see if my library has it in hard copy or a mode I can listen to on my Iphone

Tina D.

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