Thursday, September 30, 2010

Book Review for 'Taken By Midnight' by Lara Adrian

Taken By Midnight was written by Lara Adrian and published September 28, 2010 by Dell. It is available for purchase at You can visit Lara's website at
Jenna Darrow has been savagely and brutally attacked by an Ancient, a deadly alien breed of vampire. When Jenna awakens in the compound that belongs to The Order, a group of warrior vampires who protect other vampires and humans alike, she remembers the choice given to her by the Ancient...Die now or live. As all the Breed Warriors struggle to understand why Jenna was left alive, they discover that the ancient has left behind a 'gift' inside of Jenna that cannot be explained. As Jenna begins to evolve and change she finds that her only solace and peace are found in Brock, the Breed Warrior who has been assigned to protect her. While the Warriors continue to track down Dragos, a deadly foe who wages war against the breed and all of humanity, Jenna is quickly evolving into something that none of the Breed have ever seen.
I have not read a book in the Midnight Breed Series since Midnight Rising, but I am reminded now why I love these books so much. Lara Adrian has created a new spin on vampires and their origin. She has not only made them HOT but also strong, sensitive and very desirable at the same time. The Dermaglyphs that signify the Midnight Breed Warrior add a fiery touch to Adrian's delicious descriptions of the warriors. Taken By Midnight had me from start to finish, leaving me plagued with a whole slew of questions and counting the days until the next book is released. I am giving Taken By Midnight a 4-spider rating and recommending it to anyone who loves a sizzling hot, action packed vampire tale unlike any other. Lara Adrian's vampires do not sparkle and trust me when I say...You will be so glad they don't!
CK Webb

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Book Review of 'Flank Hawk' by Terry W. Ervin, II

Flank Hawk was written by Terry W. Ervin, II and published by Gryphonwood Press in July, 2009. It may be purchased at
Krish is a farm boy who joins with cousins and friends against an Evil that is trying to take over their land, the only home he has ever known. The Necromancer King has resurrected Nazi war technologies almost three thousand years after the fall of civilization as we know it. This technology presents great challenges for Krish and his new friends and allies in this war of mythical proportions. Krish quickly becomes a mercenary fighter and proves his worth as a determined warrior as he defends the Prince and King he has pledged allegiance to.
This story is filled with fantastic creatures from all manner of fictional lore and then brings them all into one riveting tale of bravery and coming of age, testing the reader's imagination. Mr. Ervin involves the reader in Krish's tale and makes them earnestly want him to succeed. The story is unique and never boring. Twists and turns throughout the book kept me entertained and wondering what was coming next. I am giving Flank Hawk a 3 spider rating and hoping that Mr. Ervin decides to extend Krish's tale.
SB Price

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Book Review of 'VICTIM SIX' by Gregg Olsen

Victim Six was written by Gregg Olsen and published in 2010 by Pinnacle. It is available for purchase at
Kendall Stark is an investigator working in Port Orchard, Washington for the Kitsap County Sheriff's Office. The case of a missing women, a local brush picker, has been dropped into Kendall's lap. The case seems suspicious to Kendall but to her partner, Josh Anderson, it looks like just another case of a young girl going back home. The two soon find that the real truth behind Celesta Delgado's disappearance is more disturbing than they could ever have imagined.
As more missing women turn up brutally tortured and murdered, Kendall Stark is determined to stop the madman, now dubbed 'The Kitsap Cutter' by local news entities. The killer himself is feeding information to a local reporter who uses it to get the story and make a name for herself. But, what she is hiding may just be the key to unlock the identity of the killer and save the lives of the women in Kitsap County.
I could not put this one down. The killer's methodology and thinking was as sadistic and twisted as they come and yet, completely entrancing. Victim Six is NOT for the faint of heart and will surely have its readers glancing nervously over one shoulder. Gregg Olsen twists the reader's insides and makes one draw ones feet into the fetal position as his explosive ending hits head on. One of the very best thrillers I have read this year and the reason I am giving Victim Six a 5-spider rating. Gregg Olsen's books are addictive and to use a quote from his killer...'Nobody can read just one'!
CK Webb

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Book Review of 'Ashes To Water' by Irene Ziegler

Ashes To Water was written by Irene Ziegler and published in June 2010 by Five Star Publishing. It can be purchased at
Annie Bartlett, along with her ill sister Leigh, have returned home to bury their murdered father. Annie must confront her old life and come to grips with her father's tangled past. While attempting to sort out her father's affairs, Annie has 'visits' from her deceased mother which further obstruct her from her task. She also finds herself investigating the murder of her father in order to help a woman she has never met, but who everyone believes, committed his murder.
Most people think that Annie and her sister, should just move on, but at the same time, Annie stumbles into the middle of a strange plot not of her making, and uncovers an unknown threat to the small town. Annie must solve her father's murder, while helping her sister and finding a way to have peace, renewed hope and healing in her life.
I found Ashes To Water to be a very interesting thriller that kept me guessing throughout the entire book. There was a lot of action and a few plot twists but Irene Ziegler linked them all together in the end and left me shocked and wanting more. I love a good thriller and this book held my attention all the way through. I'm giving Ashes To Water a 4-spider rating.
I love to read whenever possible and this is my first review for WebbWeaver. I enjoyed Ashes To Water so much and I would recommend this book to anyone.
T. Lane

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Book Review of 'Wired Kingdom' by Rick Chesler

Wired Kingdom was published in May, 2010 by Variance Publishing and can be purchased at
FBI Agent Tara Shores is trying to make a name for herself in the boy's club that is the FBI. But when she is passed over on a big assignment for a seemingly unimportant one, it actually turns out to be a 'whale' of a case. A whale, wired with a web cam made with stolen defense technology, has 'witnessed' a gruesome murder at sea and has broadcast it all over the World Wide Web. Agent Shores is brought in to find out whether this broadcast is all a scam set up by the owners of the website, or an actual murder. The case takes some twists and turns that put Agent Shores in the national eye, as well as in danger, while multiple players in this game make her job more difficult with every turn.
Author and Marine Biologist Rick Chesler, has no problem keeping the reader entertained throughout the book, with his mix of biology, environmentalism, mystery and cop-drama, and Wired Kingdom makes for a very unique and enjoyable read. The fact that the book was easy to understand by someone not at all versed in science and biology, was a big plus. There was plenty of detail in the descriptions so the reader completely understands what is happening, without bringing the story down. This book kept my attention the whole way through and I thoroughly enjoyed this read. It is a completely new genre for me, and I was happy for the experience. I'm giving Wired Kingdom, 4 spiders and would recommend it to anyone. Thanks for the great read, Mr. Chesler.
SB Price

Friday, September 3, 2010

Novella Review for 'Down The Drain' by Daniel Pyle

Down The Drain was written by Daniel Pyle and is available for purchase in e-format from &
Bruce is a hard working man with one woman to keep him company since his wife left... his faithful cat, Selina. After an exhausting day at work, Bruce comes home to discover his beloved cat missing. After days of searching Bruce decides that poor Selina must have went off somewhere and died. He is completely alone now...or is he?
There is something living in Bruce's bathtub drain but by the time he figures it out, it just might be too late. This story was an all out riot. Down The Drain has the perfect balance of humor and horror and will have you checking the drain every time you step into the shower. I am giving Down The Drain a 4-spider rating and I recommend it to anyone who has ever wonder just what is down that tiny hole in the tub. You may want to read this one with the lights on, but if you read Down The Drain while you are in the bathroom, do yourself a favor and leave the door open...just in case you need to make a quick exit.
CK Webb

Book Review for 'Sam And The Dragon' by Eric B. Thomasma

Sam and the Dragon was written by Eric B. Thomasma with illustrations by Lanin Thomasma. It is available for purchase in e-book format from and
Sam is a young boy who doesn't believe in a couple of things...bitter, cold winters and dragons. So when the rest of his village heads south in the fall, Sam stays behind to show everyone that winter does not exist.
Sam is quickly proven wrong and on the verge of freezing when he meets Freness, a tiny dragon who makes Sam, an instantly warmer believer. I absolutely adored this children's book and read it aloud with my 8 year old son. He smiled throughout the story and proudly proclaimed, 'Sam and the Dragon gets a 100'. (He doesn't like spiders) I am giving Sam and the Dragon a 5-spider rating and recommending it to children of all ages. With beautiful illustrations and a delightful story Sam and the Dragon is sure to become a favorite in your home. Fire up the furnace and snuggle up with this cozy little book.
CK Webb