Friday, September 3, 2010

Book Review for 'Sam And The Dragon' by Eric B. Thomasma

Sam and the Dragon was written by Eric B. Thomasma with illustrations by Lanin Thomasma. It is available for purchase in e-book format from and
Sam is a young boy who doesn't believe in a couple of things...bitter, cold winters and dragons. So when the rest of his village heads south in the fall, Sam stays behind to show everyone that winter does not exist.
Sam is quickly proven wrong and on the verge of freezing when he meets Freness, a tiny dragon who makes Sam, an instantly warmer believer. I absolutely adored this children's book and read it aloud with my 8 year old son. He smiled throughout the story and proudly proclaimed, 'Sam and the Dragon gets a 100'. (He doesn't like spiders) I am giving Sam and the Dragon a 5-spider rating and recommending it to children of all ages. With beautiful illustrations and a delightful story Sam and the Dragon is sure to become a favorite in your home. Fire up the furnace and snuggle up with this cozy little book.
CK Webb

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