Sunday, September 12, 2010

Book Review of 'Ashes To Water' by Irene Ziegler

Ashes To Water was written by Irene Ziegler and published in June 2010 by Five Star Publishing. It can be purchased at
Annie Bartlett, along with her ill sister Leigh, have returned home to bury their murdered father. Annie must confront her old life and come to grips with her father's tangled past. While attempting to sort out her father's affairs, Annie has 'visits' from her deceased mother which further obstruct her from her task. She also finds herself investigating the murder of her father in order to help a woman she has never met, but who everyone believes, committed his murder.
Most people think that Annie and her sister, should just move on, but at the same time, Annie stumbles into the middle of a strange plot not of her making, and uncovers an unknown threat to the small town. Annie must solve her father's murder, while helping her sister and finding a way to have peace, renewed hope and healing in her life.
I found Ashes To Water to be a very interesting thriller that kept me guessing throughout the entire book. There was a lot of action and a few plot twists but Irene Ziegler linked them all together in the end and left me shocked and wanting more. I love a good thriller and this book held my attention all the way through. I'm giving Ashes To Water a 4-spider rating.
I love to read whenever possible and this is my first review for WebbWeaver. I enjoyed Ashes To Water so much and I would recommend this book to anyone.
T. Lane


CK Webb said...

Great review Tammy...can't wait to read it

Irene Ziegler said...

Thanks for this review, Tammy! I really appreciate book blogs, and the great people like you who help first novelists like me find a readership. Best wishes to you and your important work. Irene Ziegler