Sunday, October 24, 2010

Book Review of 'Secret Agenda' by Jerry Banks

Secret Agenda was written by Jerry Banks and published by SterlingHouse Publisher, Inc. in 2009. It can be purchased at You can read all about Jerry on his site at
Attorney Barry O'Shea is drawn into a legal battle when the cult, known as the Ngawangeesh and their leader, Shabdrung, initiate a take-over of Sherman County. The people of the county are not too keen on the idea of the cult trying to subdivide their county and O'Shea sets out to find a way to stop the cult in their tracks.
The cult leader, Shabdrung, and his inner circle have managed to pay off a few people and blackmail a few more, in order to further their plan to get a foothold in the US, but Barry has a plan to prevent the takeover and run the cult out of the county.
Jerry Banks lays down a solid foundation of suspense in this first book in the Barry O'Shea series. Bank's experience in trial law, makes him a prime candidate to write this intriguing tale and bring forth the imaginative characters in it. This novel made me wonder just how easy it would be for this very scenario to actually happen in our complacent society. What would you be willing to do to keep subversives from taking over you county, state or country?
Barry O'Shea will do what is legally necessary to win back the rights of American citizens.
I'm giving Secret Agenda a 4-spider rating. If you ever wondered about what it would be like to lose control of your country, you need to read this book.
DJ Weaver

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Introduction And Review of Discovery ID Hardcover Mysteries

Discovery ID proudly presents their newest series, Hardcover Mysteries, Monday nights at 9/8 central on cable channel Investigation Discovery. You can also follow Discovery ID on Twitter (@DiscoveryID) for an opportunity to see your favorite author tweet about the episodes they are featured in.
Hardcover Mysteries is a comprehensive look inside the real life crimes that became the basis for fiction novels by some of America's greatest mystery/crime writers.
In this week's episode of Hardcover Mysteries, New York Times Best Selling author Sandra Brown tackles a grisly murder in the quaint Texas town of Tyler. What initially appeared to be a random homicide quickly became a nightmare for not only the friends of the victim but for the entire town itself. Soon, Tyler, TX, would find itself being terrorized by a racist gang of vigilantes and the inspiration for the novel, The Witness written by Sandra Brown.
Investigation Discovery has added a brand new chapter to television on Monday nights with their gripping glimpses into the true life crimes that feed our greatest fiction novels. Hardcover Mysteries has taken an old concept and made it fresh and appealing to all lovers of the true crime and mystery/crime fiction genres. Hardcover Mysteries will surely open the flood gates to a new batch of true crime TV watchers while they bring mystery & crime novels to new and old fans alike.
I am giving Hardcover Mysteries a 5-spider rating and setting aside Mondays for my new obsession. From the front pages of the headlines to the pages of a book, Hardcover Mysteries will keep you guessing until the very end.
CK Webb

Monday, October 18, 2010

Book Review of 'Blood of the Moon' by Richard Gazala

Blood of the Moon was written by Richard Gazala and published by iUniverse, Inc. in 2009. It is available for purchase from You can read more about Richard at
Apollo astronaut, Michael Rivers brought something back from the moon in 1972. Now, in 2016, his son David, a second-generation oilman who now runs a multinational oil company, is plunged into a maelstrom of mystery and murder.
The world has gone mad as nations and people fight over the remaining, limited oil reserves on earth, and David Rivers, with the help of Secret Service Special Agent Melina Nwar, must uncover the secret that will flip the balance of play and change the world forever. What was it that former astronaut Michael Rivers brought back from the moon so many years ago, and who are the mysterious Hostmen of Newcastle.
David must find the answers to these questions in order to set things right.
Richard Gazala has written a novel that sees into the future and gives the reader a glimpse of things to come. His characters are appealing and relevant and his story line is crisp and fresh. Blood of the Moon is a spot-on prediction of our world in the not too distant future and of what could happen if we continue to use up our natural resources at the present alarming rate. It is scary and will make you think about how we will be living in years to come, if things do not change.
I am giving Blood of the Moon a 4-spider rating. This book is a chilling look into man's future on earth and I recommend it to anyone who is not afraid to look.
DJ Weaver

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Book Review for 'The Faithful' by Jonathan Weyer

The Faithful was written by Jonathan Weyer and published by Brio Press. It will be available for purchase at
Aidan Schaeffer, an assistant pastor, has lost many things in the last year. First he loses his parents to an arson fire, then his fiance' Amanda to another pastor and finally his own faith. But when Aidan learns of the unexplained murder of his ex-fiance', he is immediately hurled into a deadly fight of spirituality, reality and the supernatural. Aidan is being haunted by whispers and footsteps of unknown origin that seem to be following his every move.
As the police investigate him for the murder of Amanda, Aidan finds solace and support in Jennifer Brown, the detective investigating the murder. Jennifer helps him discover the true evil that is happening around them.
A ritual to control the souls of the unrighteous dead through magic finds Aidan and Jennifer in a struggle with good and evil. Only Aidan can uncover the identities of the murderers, while finding a way to rediscover his lost faith and give himself over to loving once more.
I found The Faithful to be a book like no other. It had a religious background but it also held deep roots in the supernatural. The Faithful is a genre completely all its own...Christian Horror. The Faithful kept me on the edge of my seat and always guessing what was going to happen next. It was a scary-good story and one that I hope Mr. Weyer chooses to continue.
I am giving The Faithful a 5 spider rating and I would definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in a great horror.
CE Knight

CE Knight is an avid reader who attends South Lamar High School and plays football for the South Lamar Stallions. He is the 16 year old son of WebbWeaver reviewer T. Lane.

I was completely blown away by The Faithful. Jonathan Weyer has plunged a knife deep into the horror genre and pulled out a most unique concept. This is my first Christian Horror and because of Mr. Weyer, it will not be my last. The Faithful lays down a storyline and protagonist that I would follow for many more installments. CE Knight may be our youngest reviewer but he hit the nail on the head with his 5 spider rating. A must read for anyone looking for a gripping new take on the horror genre.
CK Webb

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Book Review of 'Mind Walker' by Roy McConnell

Mind Walker was written by Roy McConnell and published by iUniverse in September, 2009.
Tara Ostermann is a privileged young woman who is born into a very influential Canadian family. On her 21st birthday, her father has chosen to reveal that power which makes Tara an Ostermann. She shares this power with the male ancestors in her family, with the exception of one other female, making Tara only the second woman in the Ostermann line to hold the power and she may well become the most powerful of all.
But Tara rejects the life her father is forcing on her and makes a decision to leave. Little does she know that her body guard and ex-CIA officer, Chris Landry will follow her on a journey that will lead them all over the western hemisphere, while Tara's unique abilities will help them on their quest.
This book was an absolute page turner, with suspense, intrigue, sex, love and covert military ops. at every turn. All the action kept me on the edge but the detail didn't overwhelm me. I really enjoyed Mr. McConnell's style of writing as it keeps the reader involved and interested throughout the entire book. I highly recommend this fast-paced satisfying read. Mind Walker gets 5 spiders from me.
SB Price