Monday, October 18, 2010

Book Review of 'Blood of the Moon' by Richard Gazala

Blood of the Moon was written by Richard Gazala and published by iUniverse, Inc. in 2009. It is available for purchase from You can read more about Richard at
Apollo astronaut, Michael Rivers brought something back from the moon in 1972. Now, in 2016, his son David, a second-generation oilman who now runs a multinational oil company, is plunged into a maelstrom of mystery and murder.
The world has gone mad as nations and people fight over the remaining, limited oil reserves on earth, and David Rivers, with the help of Secret Service Special Agent Melina Nwar, must uncover the secret that will flip the balance of play and change the world forever. What was it that former astronaut Michael Rivers brought back from the moon so many years ago, and who are the mysterious Hostmen of Newcastle.
David must find the answers to these questions in order to set things right.
Richard Gazala has written a novel that sees into the future and gives the reader a glimpse of things to come. His characters are appealing and relevant and his story line is crisp and fresh. Blood of the Moon is a spot-on prediction of our world in the not too distant future and of what could happen if we continue to use up our natural resources at the present alarming rate. It is scary and will make you think about how we will be living in years to come, if things do not change.
I am giving Blood of the Moon a 4-spider rating. This book is a chilling look into man's future on earth and I recommend it to anyone who is not afraid to look.
DJ Weaver

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