Sunday, October 24, 2010

Book Review of 'Secret Agenda' by Jerry Banks

Secret Agenda was written by Jerry Banks and published by SterlingHouse Publisher, Inc. in 2009. It can be purchased at You can read all about Jerry on his site at
Attorney Barry O'Shea is drawn into a legal battle when the cult, known as the Ngawangeesh and their leader, Shabdrung, initiate a take-over of Sherman County. The people of the county are not too keen on the idea of the cult trying to subdivide their county and O'Shea sets out to find a way to stop the cult in their tracks.
The cult leader, Shabdrung, and his inner circle have managed to pay off a few people and blackmail a few more, in order to further their plan to get a foothold in the US, but Barry has a plan to prevent the takeover and run the cult out of the county.
Jerry Banks lays down a solid foundation of suspense in this first book in the Barry O'Shea series. Bank's experience in trial law, makes him a prime candidate to write this intriguing tale and bring forth the imaginative characters in it. This novel made me wonder just how easy it would be for this very scenario to actually happen in our complacent society. What would you be willing to do to keep subversives from taking over you county, state or country?
Barry O'Shea will do what is legally necessary to win back the rights of American citizens.
I'm giving Secret Agenda a 4-spider rating. If you ever wondered about what it would be like to lose control of your country, you need to read this book.
DJ Weaver

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Sounds an exciting read! Carole.