Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Introduction And Review of Discovery ID Hardcover Mysteries

Discovery ID proudly presents their newest series, Hardcover Mysteries, Monday nights at 9/8 central on cable channel Investigation Discovery. You can also follow Discovery ID on Twitter (@DiscoveryID) for an opportunity to see your favorite author tweet about the episodes they are featured in.
Hardcover Mysteries is a comprehensive look inside the real life crimes that became the basis for fiction novels by some of America's greatest mystery/crime writers.
In this week's episode of Hardcover Mysteries, New York Times Best Selling author Sandra Brown tackles a grisly murder in the quaint Texas town of Tyler. What initially appeared to be a random homicide quickly became a nightmare for not only the friends of the victim but for the entire town itself. Soon, Tyler, TX, would find itself being terrorized by a racist gang of vigilantes and the inspiration for the novel, The Witness written by Sandra Brown.
Investigation Discovery has added a brand new chapter to television on Monday nights with their gripping glimpses into the true life crimes that feed our greatest fiction novels. Hardcover Mysteries has taken an old concept and made it fresh and appealing to all lovers of the true crime and mystery/crime fiction genres. Hardcover Mysteries will surely open the flood gates to a new batch of true crime TV watchers while they bring mystery & crime novels to new and old fans alike.
I am giving Hardcover Mysteries a 5-spider rating and setting aside Mondays for my new obsession. From the front pages of the headlines to the pages of a book, Hardcover Mysteries will keep you guessing until the very end.
CK Webb

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