Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Book Review for 'Nail Your Novel' by Roz Morris

Nail Your Novel was written by Roz Morris and is available for purchase at or
Here at WebbWeaver, we don't normally review non-fiction or self-help books, but when Roz asked us to review her book Nail Your Novel, we couldn't resist. We are constantly being bombarded with questions from aspiring authors about the writing process and how to stick with it. This book answers all those questions and more.
Roz Morris is a professional writer with over 12 titles to her name as well as many others she has ghost-written for some big name authors, so her insight and advise is invaluable. Roz lays out a simple format, explaining everything you would like to know from start to finish when it comes to writing a novel. Nail Your Novel is a step-by-step, in depth look into characterization, plot development, first drafts and even book synopsis. Everything that can help you get an agent or help you sell that book.
Nail Your Novel also touches on the difficulties and obstacles that occur during the writing process and that, often times, hinder an author from completing their novel or cause them to simply abandon the manuscript altogether.
I am giving Nail Your Novel a 5-spider rating and recommending it not only to aspiring writers, but to seasoned authors as well. Anyone looking to start out in the writing profession or looking to get back on track in an established career will find a priceless tool in Nail Your Novel.
CK Webb

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