Friday, November 12, 2010

Book Review of 'Cataclysm Children' by Paul Nemeth

Cataclysm Children was written by Paul Nemeth and published by Publishing in November of 2009. You may purchase the book at and you can find out more about Mr. Nemeth at
Ian Andrews, otherwise known as 'Fury', was a founding member of the 'Brotherhood of the Wolf' back in 1990, when he and a group of young, angry youth formed the satanic cult. The cult was the only family these kids knew, but after a string of violent incidents, the cult's leader is jailed and the group, quieted. Ian moves on with his life and leaves the area to find a better life for himself.
But in 2003, Ian returns home for a friend's funeral, only to discovers that his young nephew is being dragged into the same cult. A few angry men are leading a group of young boys in a reign of hatred and terror and Ian must struggle to save his nephew before it's too late.
Mr. Nemeth has given a voice to the youth of our country who need guidance and direction, but who have been largely forgotten in our society. Cataclysm Children is the story of what happens to these forgotten children and what can take place when they are left to make their own way. It should be read by every busy parent whose child has outgrown the innocents of youth. This book will open the eyes of adults who read it and hopefully will hit home in our society.
I am giving Cataclysm Children a four spider rating and hoping that every parent will take the time to read this frightening but enlightening book.
SB Price

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