Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Book Review of 'Tales From Gundarland' by Hank Quense

Tales From Gundarland was written by Hank Quense and published by CreateSpace in June, 2010. It can be purchase at www.amazon.com and you can read more about Hank at www.hankquense.com
Tales From Gundarland is a compilation of six short stories and two novellas filled with a host of interesting and memorable characters. Each story is entertaining and will easily hold your interest. The book has a wonderful introduction that gives you facts about the population and diversity of the people of Gundarland and each story tells a tale that will entertain and keep you laughing.
Mr. Quense's style of writing grabs and holds your attention and moves you along through the entire book. Each story has a different theme but they all are very interesting and enjoyable.
I am giving Tales From Gundarland a 4 spider rating and recommending that you check out this great little book. It has something for all ages.
T Lane

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