Friday, November 5, 2010

Short Story Review for 'HAWK' by Cynthia Hepner

HAWK was written by Cynthia Hepner. It is one of many of her stories that are available through Cynthia's site at or
Hawk is a Native American who also happens to be the leading defense attorney in the state of Washington. But what sets Hawk apart from other lawyers, isn't his heritage or his bank account but rather his uncanny ability to see the truth in his clients. Hawk will never take a case if he isn't 100% certain that the person is innocent. When Hawk is approached by Cassie White Eagle about her missing younger brother, Hawk quickly dismisses the woman. Cassie's persistence soon pays off and Hawk agrees to look into the disappearance. After having his investigator research the case, they find that the boy was arrested and never seen again. The jail says they don't have the boy but an insider says different. What they find is a cover up by, not only the local authorities but some big players in politics. Time is running out for Jason White Eagle and Hawk must sift through an ever thickening web of lies and deceit in order to get to the truth and stop the clock that is ticking for the missing boy.
Hawk is a well written and cleanly put together story with likable characters. It is listed as a short story but could easily launch a fantastic series of novellas, with Hawk as the central character. I am giving HAWK a 4-spider rating and recommending it to lovers of legal suspense. Cynthia Hepner has stumbled across something special with this one and I can't wait to see where she will go next.
CK Webb

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Sounds like a great read. Thanks for the recommendation! Thanks, too, for the Twitter follow. I look forward to your tweets and reading more from you here, as well.

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