Thursday, December 30, 2010

Book Review for 'Last Tango In Jacksonville' by William Rue

Last Tango In Jacksonville was written by William Rue and was published by CreatSpace in 2010.
Paul Sommers' wife Cordie has walked out on him and their children to be with a man she met while in rehab. Now Paul has decided that a trip to Jacksonville, Florida to visit his wife's oldest and dearest friend is his next step. Laura Chambliss is beautiful, divorced and ready for action, and Paul has obsessed over her for the last 15 years. After arriving in Jacksonville, Paul finds himself unexpectedly embarking on a wildly dangerous but erotic journey in which he and Laura explore the deepest and most sensual desires imaginable.
But when Paul's wife finds out about the affair, things begin to fall apart and Paul begins to loose touch with reality.
First, let me say that this story is definitely rated 'R', with very explicit sexual situations. That being said, it was also humorous and heartbreaking at the same time. The emotional side of the story was well written and intriguing. The comparisons of Paul's relationships with his wife and with his lover are wonderful. I loved the story and it was easy to follow the action.
Last Tango In Jacksonville is a great read and should be on every one's reading list. Just remember that it is very sexually explicit, but a great story of love, lust and tragedy. I am giving Last Tango In Jacksonville a 4 spider rating. Please check out this interesting read.
T Lane

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