Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Book Review of 'Game of Cages' by Harry Connolly

Game of Cages was written by Harry Connolly and published by Ballentine Books in 2010.
Ray Lilly is ordered into the high-stakes game that is being played out in a small town in the North Cascades. When a group of the wealthy and elite, gather to bid on a predator that is capable of making mankind 'love' each other to death, Ray, the expendable pawn of the Twenty Palace Society, is thrown to the dogs and must stop the predator before it escapes the town and infects the entire world.
But Ray is a 'one-spell' guy and bringing down the Sapphire Dog will be harder than he ever though possible. Especially since there are also a few sorcerers who want the predator alive for their own purposes. Ray, along with Catherine Little, another Twenty Palace Society alum, must face the effects of the blue dog's powers and wade through the bloodiest battle of their lives.
Harry Connolly has woven a tale of magic and murder with Game of Cages. Blood runs and bodies are piled high in this second installment featuring Connolly's Twenty Palace Society. Ray Lilly is an unlikely protagonist in this all-out battle to control or kill the strange predator and he does it with all the finesse of a ne'er-do-well James Bond. The action is tense and tight and the characters are varied and colorful. Action... Action... Action is the name of the game and Connolly does it well.
I am giving this novel a 4 spider rating. Game of Cages is a winner.
DJ Weaver

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