Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Book Review of '8 In The Box' by Raffi Yessayan

8 In The Box was written by Raffi Yessayan and published by Ballantine Books in 2008. It is available at www.amazon.com
Newly appointed detective Angel Alves wants to prove his worth as a homicide detective on the streets of Boston. While juggling family and an over dedicated partner, Alves’ world is about to get a lot more complicated and the women of Boston are about to become targets of a serial killer.
As ’The Bathtub Killer’ begins collecting victims and apparently, keeping their bodies as souvenirs, Detective Alves and his partner are put on the case and the race is on to catch a lunatic. The clues in the case… missing women, no signs of forced entry and bathtubs full of the victim’s blood.
This taut crime novel is a police procedural wrapped with thrilling suspense that puts the reader behind the crime scene tape right along with the cops and investigators. A tightly woven, intense storyline propels the characters along as they sprint one step behind a twisted psychopath. With an ending almost as twisted as its killer, 8 In The Box is the type of novel you won’t want to put down until it has shared all of its secrets. Think you know who the killer is or how this one will end… Think again.
Yessayan pulls the reader along through every turn while he keeps you on the very edge of your seat, then blows your mind with an ending that hits you hard, fast and out of the blue. I am giving 8 In the Box a 4 spider rating and recommending it to the not-so-faint of heart. Beware of The Bloodbath Killer and remember… trust nobody!
CK Webb

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