Thursday, March 31, 2011

'CRUELTY TO INNOCENTS' Synopsis by CK Webb and DJ Weaver

Here is the synopsis of our upcoming novel, Cruelty to Innocents: The 911 Abductions. The book will be released on May 26th, but we wanted to give you just a taste of the excitement to come. We hope you enjoy.

Cruelty to Innocents:

The 911 Abductions

by CK Webb & DJ WEaver

Who’s abducting children from 911 emergency scenes? What if you were in your car alone with your small child and you came upon an emergency scene? Would you stop to help? What if, while you are trying to assist a victim of an accident or mugging, you left your young child alone in the car, thinking he or she would be safe. What if, instead of help, the call to 911 brought a terrifying, sinister result?

Someone’s abducting children from 911 emergency scenes in Aberdeen Maryland, while their parents call for help and lend aid to accident victims. Someone who’s also listening in, is a monster and vicious child abductor. In the midst of the chaos and confusion of the scene, that monster slips in and steals the innocent children leaving behind no trace for authorities.

Sloanne Kelly is unprepared for what awaits in her hometown as she travels back to Maryland. Her goddaughter is one of the victims and the clock is ticking. Together with her best friend and a local fireman, Shawn Tyler, Sloanne will face the most insidious of criminals and fight to recover the children before there is anymore, Cruelty to Innocents.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Book Review of 'Lifeless' by Paul Lewis

Lifeless was written by Paul Lewis and published by PublishAmerica in 2010. You may purchase the book at The sequel to Lifeless is due out in July. For more information go to

Darien is a young viking who's life is about to change, as he travels to a new land with his friend, Eric the Red. In this new land, Darien meets Rachel, a beautiful women who Darien falls in love with. But there are dark forces at work that threaten Darien and his new life; forces that are working to deprive Darien of everything he knows, including his soul.

This story brings the reader into a world of vampires and werewolves and the power they hold, while telling a sweet story of the love that Darien has for Rachel. Told from a different angle, this book is not your average vampire tale.

I really enjoyed the story and found myself reading along and wondering how this book would end. The love between Darien and Rachel was sweet, heartbreaking and even made me mad at times too. Lifeless is a short book that is easy and fun to read. The story is well written and the ending leads you to believe more books will follow, which excites me greatly. The characters are strong and believable and the story holds your interest all the way to the end.

I am giving Lifeless a 5-spider rating and I must say this book is for any age reader who is looking for something different but fun to read. Even though its a vampire/werewolf book I believe that most everyone will love it. Kudos to Paul Lewis for this excellent story.
T Lane

Monday, March 28, 2011

Vote on the Cruelty To Innocents book cover!!!

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your book cover for the very first time. Pure Heaven!! But herein lies the problem...two fabulous book covers, one book. We need YOU, the fans and friends who have travelled down this long road with us, to help decide which cover fits. Take a good, long look at the two book covers and tell us what you think. We will only leave the covers up for a couple of days before we unveil the winner. Let your voice be heard. Tell us, in the comments section, which cover you like the best and why. We can't wait to hear what you think!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Book Review of 'Autumn: The City' by David Moody

Autumn: The City, was written by David Moody and published by St Martin's Griffin in 2011. It is available for purchase at
As a deadly airborne pathogen tears through the city, few are left unscathed by its harrowing and catastrophic effects. Agonizing pain, blood curdling cries and violent convulsions all precede the nightmarish death of choking on your own blood. The immune are forced to sit back helplessly and watch as the world around them dies a horrible death. Life as it was, is quickly replaced by an apocalyptic, dystopian future riddled with the corpses of those less fortunate. Now, just days after the incident, dead, rotting corpses begin to twitch and move as they become reanimated and roam the city.
At first the corpses move about with no sense of direction or even thought, but soon they begin to change and the most basic of human instincts begins to kick in… aggression.
Tortured by the memories of those they have lost and the knowledge that life as they knew it is now over, the remaining handful of survivors must find one another, pull together and discover a way out of ‘The City’.
David Moody has penned a wickedly, original and unforgettable zombie tale. Autumn: The City, will have you cringing at the ‘what ifs’ of the scenarios it holds within its pages. What would you do if the dead came back to life and outnumbered the living one million to one? How would you get out of ‘The City’? The end of the world has come and Autumn: The City has reserved you a front row seat to watch the chaos unfold…enjoy the show!
I am giving Autumn: The City a 5-spider rating and recommending to true lovers of zombie & horror tales.
CK Webb

Friday, March 18, 2011

Book Review of 'The Detroit Electric Scheme' by D.E. Johnson

The Detroit Electric Scheme was written by D.E. Johnson and published by Minotaur Books in September, 2010. It is available from
Will Anderson is the alcoholic son of the owner of Detroit Electric, maker of electric cars. One night, while Will is in a drunken state, his friend John Cooper calls and asks for his help. When Will arrives at the place they have agreed to meet, John has been gruesomely murdered and Will’s fingerprints are all over the murder, literally.
As Will tries to prove his innocence and find the real killer, he learns much about himself and about his true friends. With every day that passes, Will gets closer to the actual killer, but closer to life in prison as more and more evidence points directly to him.
This book grabbed my attention from the very first page and kept it throughout the entire read. The twists and turns in this one had me gasping aloud. I found it difficult, at best, to put this book down and I had many mental debates over who could be the real killer. This book kept me guessing the entire way through and was very well written.
This fictional story included much of the true history of the automobile industry and so many non-fictional characters, that it really made the story jump out and grab me. I absolutely cannot wait to read another book by Mr. Johnson! I have already recommended this book to several friends and family and will continue to do so.
This book gets 5 spiders from me with the understanding that if I could award more, I definitely would. Fantastic read!
SB Price

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Book Review of 'The 13 Treasures' by Michelle Harrison

The 13 Treasures was written by Michelle Harrison and published by Simon and Schuster UK, Ltd., in 2009. It is available for purchase at
While visiting her grandmother, Tanya discovers an unsolved mystery that began many years ago when a girl simply vanished from the woods nearby. Tanya’s grandfather was the last person to see the girl, but her grandmother will not speak of the incident. With the help of the caretaker’s son, Fabian, Tanya embarks on a journey to uncover the truth. But, Tanya has some secrets of her own--a magical ability to see fairies.
The 13 Treasures was an incredible book and extremely hard to put down. I do not normally enjoy books that are full of mythical creatures, but found myself completely entranced by this one. This book is very well written and grabs the reader's attention, refusing to let go. The 13 Treasures is a fantastic mystery that keeps you guessing until the very end, with characters that stand out and an enticing setting.
I am giving The 13 Treasures, a 5-spider rating and recommending it to readers of all ages. Lovers of the YA genre will devour this book and move eagerly onto the next in the series.
T Lane

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Book Review of 'An Old Castle Standing on a Ford: One Yank's Life in an Almost Peaceful Belfast' by Caroline Oceana Ryan

An Old Castle Standing on a Ford: One Yank’s Life in an Almost Peaceful Belfast, was written by Caroline Oceana Ryan and published by Eloquent Books in 2010. You may purchase this book at Caroline Oceana Ryan wanted to know how Northern Ireland was fairing after so many years of unrest and strife. With it’s long history of internal conflict, she imagined it would be a ruined, shell of it's former glory. So in 2000, Caroline set out to discover the real culture and characters of the beautiful, historic island nation.
On her journey, she met and got to know a plethora of interesting people and saw the real Ireland as only someone living there could and she takes the reader along with her. We are introduced to the humor, culture and wonder that is Ireland as Ryan comes to understand the storied nation, the people who have lived there for centuries and the healing spirit of her own past.
An Old Castle Standing on a Ford: One Yank’s Life in an Almost Peaceful Belfast, is written with humor, awe and inspiration. It highlights Ryan’s travels and interactions in a way that brings it all vividly into focus for those who have only dreamed of seeing it. Her descriptions of the people and places are unique and creative and her experiences are enriching and authentically told. An Old Castle Standing on a Ford, is a comprehensive trip through the fabled history and cultural re-awakening of the Emerald Isle.
4 stars for An Old Castle Standing on a Ford, and kudos for Caroline Oceana Ryan.
DJ Weaver

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

CK Webb & DJ Weaver

After long and careful consideration, the WebbWeaver duo, CK Webb & DJ Weaver, have made some critical decisions regarding their future in the literary world. We have decided to part ways with our literary agent and agency and begin a new journey. This has been an amicable split and though we leave the business relationship, we remain good friends with Cari Foulk and all the authors from Tribe. We will continue to do everything in our power to support, not only Cari & Tribe Literary, but each author represented by them. My fondest wish is that our friends, family and fans will also support the incredibly talented writers who are represented by Tribe Literary Agency. They are certain to make waves in the literary world.

Now, for the really good stuff! Our first novel, CRUELTY TO INNOCENTS: THE 911 ABDUCTIONS (Yes, that’s the full title), is off to professional editing and will soon be available for purchase as an e-book on several sites, including Amazon & Amazon UK. We will be working on blurbs, cover art and book synopsis while we wait. We are working extremely hard, as are many other wonderful people, to ensure that our fans receive the very best thriller we can give them.
Before the book goes up for sale, we will be posting, at least, the prologue and first couple of chapters to allow readers to ‘wet their whistle’ so to speak and get a feel for what Cruelty To Innocents is all about. This is the first book in the three book 911 Abduction series.
We intend to market book one like mad women. We have not lost sight of our ultimate goal, which is to see the ‘Innocents’ series picked up by a traditional publishing house. In the meantime, we hope that sales from book one will make a good case for us in that regard. We will eventually seek agency representation for book two, COLLECTING INNOCENTS, but not until we feel it sparkles like a rare diamond!
We will need our friends, family and fans more than ever and are hopeful that you will support our work. It will take each and every one of you to get the word out and hopefully we will see the ‘Innocents’ series do amazing things…together! We are very nervous, extremely excited and incredibly anxious to share with you all, CRUELTY TO INNOCENTS: THE 911 ABDUCTIONS.
CK Webb & DJ Weaver