Monday, May 30, 2011

Book Review of 'Norah: The Making of an Irish-American Woman in 19th Century New York' by Cynthia Neale

Norah: The Making of an Irish-American Woman in 19th-Century New York was written by Cynthia Neale and published by Lucky Press, LLC in February, 2011. It may be purchased at
Cynthia Neale pens a story of a young, Irish women named Norah McCabe living with her family in 1850s' New York City. Nora is a very independent and passionate girl, who is full of love for her family, while also determined to make a life for herself in America. Norah has many dreams and struggles to make the best of everything against all odds.
This historically-based novel tells of life in 1850s in New York as seen through Nora's eye as she fights her way to adventure, love and respectability.
I found this book very interesting with the rich history of those early times portrayed so well by Ms Neale. The writing is fresh and clear and Nora's character is spunky and straight-forward. The characters of Nora's parents are well written and we clearly see the love they have for their daughter. This is a wonderful read and I'm giving this book a 4 spider rating. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys historically based fiction with added adventure and romance. Great job by Cynthia Neale.
T Lane

Friday, May 20, 2011

Book Review of 'Out of Time' by Monique Martin

Out of Time is a paranormal romance written by Monique Martin and available through in Kindle form.
Elizabeth West is going to die! Or, at least, that is what vampire researcher and Occult Professor Simon Cross’s nightmares are telling him. But can these haunting dreams really mean something? Elizabeth is Simon’s easy-going, attractive assistant at the university and a lovely girl, whom Simon has thought of in other terms beside ‘Assistant’, but he has spent his life avoiding entanglements. Elizabeth thinks Simon is attractive and she has a thing for him, but she knows it can never be because of his stuffy, uptight attitude.
How then, do these two opposites end up traveling back through time to 1920’s New York and living there together as husband and wife to keep outsider suspicions from interfering with their plan to get back to their own time? And what about those mobsters and their strange leader with the eerie eyes, seemingly invincible body and a deadly attraction to Elizabeth?
Monique Martin has penned a tantalizing tale of time travel in this new take on the vampire genre and it is a winner. This story is heavy on history of the 1920 era in New York City and the way of life then. The characters are interesting and playful with Elizabeth’s wonderfully, bubbly personality and Simon’s ‘just-what-he-ought-to-be’ hero persona. The story is imaginative and new and the writing is clean and neat as a pin.
I am giving Out of Time a 4 spider rating and recommending it especially to those who like a fast-paced paranormal romance. Don’t miss it.
DJ Weaver

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Book Review of 'Exit' by Liliana Badd

Exit was written by Liliana Badd and published by Trafford Publishing in July, 2010. You can purchase it at
Ondine Duquesne-Schmidt finds herself facing death and wondering if she has lived her life in the best possible manner. This is a story of one woman’s trip to find inner peace in the face of terminal illness and to make her life count. She must follow a course to find herself and to find the dream she abandoned many years ago…the dream of becoming a writer.

In her travels she finds who and what are most important to her and that a good life cannot be measured by time, but by how one lives.
This book brought out feelings and made me question how I live my own life…how I would feel if I were in Ondine’s place. It is an eye-opener that will make you question everything you believe and how you treat others, ill or well. It is well written and keeps you turning pages until the end. This book will make you think.
I am giving Exit a 4 spider rating and recommending it to one and all. Liliana Badd has written a wonderful story for everyone, no matter your age.
T Lane

Monday, May 16, 2011

Book Review of 'Titanic 2012 - Curse of RMS Titanic' by Robert W. Walker

Titanic 2012-Curse of RMS Titanic was written by Robert W. Walker and published by in Sept., 2010. It can be purchased at

When a daunting group of salvage experts set sail on board the high-tech ship Scorpio, to salvage the RMS Titanic, one crew member is looking for something other than the riches lying at the bottom of the Atlantic.

In another place and time, a Belfast inspector pursues a shadowy figure into the bowels of the soon-to-sail, RMS Titanic after a grisly murder takes place. What do these two events have in common? More than you may think.

In 1912, Alastair Ransom, with the help of two medical students, is chasing someone or something that is committing terrible murders in Belfast. When the killer's path leads them onto the RMS Titanic, the threesome must sail on the fateful maiden voyage to uncover the killers identity and prevent the total destruction of life as they know it. One hundred years later, a crew member on the Scorpio must convince her friend that something other than an iceberg caused the sinking of the fated Titanic, before the salvage operations begin and a terrible entity is set loose on the world.

Robert W. Walker's dual story moves us through time to discover the 'true' facts of one of the worlds most lavish ships and the horrendous story of it's untimely sinking and loss of life. This novel gives the reader a new insight into what really could have caused the Titanic to go down and what could lie ahead for the fate of mankind.

The story is full of true facts about the great ship and it's sinking, while telling a tale of murder and intrigue. Walker has done a wonderful job of keeping the reader on edge and turning pages while convincing us that things are not always as they appear.

This imaginative re-telling of the story is fraught with fact and science fiction and will leave you wondering. The characters are true-to-life and wonderfully written and the story is spot-on. If you are a Titanic enthusiast, you must pick up a copy of Titanic 2012 for yourself.

I am giving Titanic 2012-Curse of RMS Titanic a four spider rating and recommending it to all who enjoy a twisting tale based in truth and full of sci/fi terror.

DJ Weaver

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Book Review of 'Dark Forgiveness' by Amelia Underwood

Dark Forgiveness was written by Amelia Underwood and published by Tate Publishing in April, 2011. You may purchase it at
Lauren Ance is on a supernatural journey. She has gone from being a young, engaged women to being dead--brought back as a half human, half archangel oracle. But why was she resurrected?
With the help of the four elements, earth, air, wind, and water, she realizes her mission is hidden inside the Light and Dark Scrolls. These scrolls are the salvation of mankind and Lauren must learn their secret in order to save the world from evil, while also explaining and protecting the scrolls and their content.
If you love supernatural/paranormal books, this one is for you. Amelia Underwood has done a wonderful job telling this story without ever having you believe it is just another story. I am a big supernatural believer and I loved this book. The story kept my attention, while keeping me on edge and wondering what would happen next and why. All my questions were answered and much more in this easy read that left me wanting more. I really hope Ms Underwood writes another book as a follow-up to this one because I will certainly want to buy it.
I am giving Dark Forgiveness a 5 spider-rating and would recommend it to anyone. Amelia Underwood has written a new life into the supernatural/paranormal genre.
T Lane

Friday, May 6, 2011

Book Review for 'The End of Marking Time' by C.J. West

The End of Marking Time was written by C.J. West and published by 22 West Books in 2010. It is available for purchase at

Michael O'Connor is the best at what he does--always has been. After being raised in a terrible home and venturing out to live on the streets at a young age, Michael quickly hones his criminal skills and takes on the role of an elite housebreaker. There isn't a house or a car that Michael can't break into and his skill has enabled him to elude the police for years. But, when a careless move during a robbery slings Michael onto the cops radar, all the years of breaking the law, soon catch up.

An injury hurls Michael into a three-year coma and when he awakens, things are drastically different. The federal and state penal systems have been eradicated and criminals have been weeded out and either re-educated or sentence to death. As Michael gets deeper and deeper into his re-education, learning to be a productive member of society, he discovers things are not what they seem and no one can be trusted. Michael has one chance left to prove himself worthy to live amongst chance to plead his case or be exterminated!

From the very first line of The End of Marking Time, I was absolutely absorbed in the story. I found myself rooting for Michael as he made his way through this new world. C.J. West has written a book so original, fast-paced and believable, I found myself forgetting it was a work of fiction. The dialogue between characters is excellent and the descriptions of events and places are incredible. Readers will not want to put this one down until they know the verdict. Will Michael be spared? Is he worth another chance? Or will all he has worked for be for naught as he pleads his case?

I am giving The End of Marking Time a 4 spider rating. I would recommend this book to any fans of the thriller/suspense genre and I, myself, will be picking up more books from C.J. West. The End of Marking Time is one wild ride you won't want to miss!!

CK Webb

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Innocents Blog Tour Schedule

Our debut novel, Cruelty To Innocents: The 911 Abductions, will be released May 26, 2011. To kick it off right, we will be featured on over a dozen sites during our virtual Innocents Blog Tour. There will be reviews of the novel, interviews, giveaways and so much more. To show our appreciation for these wonderful bloggers and to introduce them to you, we are posting the entire blog tour schedule. Please take some time to visit these fantastic sites and see the hard work that goes into making them run smoothly. While you are there, click on those 'Follow' buttons. All participating blogs will be giving away an e-copy of Cruelty To Innocents, but you need to follow the blogs!
Once again, we would like to give a gigantic 'Thank You' to all the bloggers...You are an intricate part of the process and we are incredibly thankful for your support.


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June 16, 2011 'Innocents Blog Tour Finale' Just Another Book Addict: interview

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Book Review for 'Morning Menace' by Terri Ann Armstrong

Morning Menace is the first in a three book mystery series we will be featuring on WebbWeaver. It was written by Terri Ann Armstrong and published in June 2010 by Suspense Publishing. Morning Menace is available for purchase at or wherever e-books are sold. You can learn more about this amazing writer by visiting her website at

Starleen Maddox is tired of living her dull, boring life with a broken heart and wishes for so much more. She finds the excitement she is searching for when she is tossed head-long into the midst of an enormous mystery unfolding at the JRW stables.
John and Rose Grayson have a good thing going with their stables. Handed down through generations of Graysons, JRW stables has gained a reputation for being the best at breeding and raising horses. When small, unexplainable acts of vandalism turn into horses being stolen and killed, JRW stables is rocked to its core. As the Grayson children gather alongside their parents to search out the culprit, the mystery takes a harrowing twist and the stakes get even higher.
Terri Ann Armstrong has penned an incredible mystery and woven the story together so tightly, I never saw the ending coming. A fantastic new voice in the mystery genre, Terri Ann Armstrong's style of writing will surely set her apart from the crowd and garner a fierce set of loyal fans. I cannot wait to get my hands on the next two books in the Menace Trilogy. I am giving Morning Menace a 4-spider rating and urging fans of the genre to pick up this will not be disappointed.

*We are so excited about this new author! WebbWeaver will be featuring and reviewing the entire Menace Trilogy. We will also be interviewing Terri in the next months as we wait for the final book in the trilogy, that will be released later this year.*
CK Webb

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Book Review of 'Shadowfever' by Karen Marie Moning

Shadowfever was written by Karen Marie Moning and published by Delacorte Press in 2011. You may purchase this book at
MacKayla Lane has come to Dublin to search for her sister’s murderer. In this final book of the Fever series, Mac finds out more than she could have ever imagined when she set out on her journey. This young bartender from Georgia--southern belle to the core--has become an Unseelie’s worst nightmare. She is no longer the blond, pink-wearing, Southern Belle that landed in Dublin. She is now a killer. She has learned so much about the Fae, yet she has so much more to learn. She has also learned how to harness her abilities and use them for their intended purpose.
This final chapter of Karen Marie Moning’s, Fever series will answer all of your questions, but not before giving you an entire new set of questions that will need to be answered. This book kept me on edge from the very beginning until the very end. Ms Moning keeps you in your comfort zone just long enough to throw you a curve ball you never saw coming. The twists and turns take you for a thrill ride all over Dublin, through the Silvers and through all the places you fear most. It definitely does not leave you unsatisfied. I was very pleased with the way this story has unfolded, from the first page of the first book through the last page of this one.
Shadowfever gets 5 spiders from me! (Did you really expect anything less??) and I’m recommending it to any fan of Moning’s and to those of you who have not previously read her work. This one is a winner!!!
SB Price