Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Book Review of 'Fork In The Road To Apocalypse' by Jeff Gonsalves

Fork In The Road To Apocalypse (Subnorm Series) was written by Jeff Gonsalves and published by Wild Child Publishing in September, 2010. It is available as a Kindle edition at amazon.com.
Chuck Anderssen's nephew, Elliott is a subnorm. A very disturbed child with the ability to alter reality and the government knows it. Chuck is an operative and works for the Genetics Bureau. It's his job to bring in people just like Elliott. So when Elliott can no longer control his outbursts, Chuck sees no other way to save him except to bring him in.
But when the Bureau decides to make Elliott into a combat weapon, using his psychic abilities as weaponry, Chuck and a team of renegades spirit Elliott away to a vast wasteland to hide. Is Elliott unconsciously using his abilities against them? Chuck must try to save his nephew, even though Elliott's powers may be more than mankind can handle.
This second book in Jeff Gonsalves' 'Subnorm Series' does not disappoint. Full of action and fast-paced, Fork In The Road To Apocalypse is an 'in-your-face' sci/fi read that will keep you on the edge. The characters are fascinating and authentic and the descriptions are well written and panoramic. Jeff Gonsalves has penned another exciting read for the scifi/fantasy genre and it is a winner.
I'm giving Fork In The Road To Apocalypse a 4 spider rating and recommending to anyone who loves the genre or who just loves to read a well written novel. Follow this author!
DJ Weaver

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This sounds like an intriguing book. Thanks for the recommendation.