Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Book Review of 'Medieval Menace' by Terri Ann Armstrong

Medieval Menace is the second book in Terri Ann Armstrong's 'Menace Trilogy' and was published through Suspense Publishing. It is available as an ebook at amazon.com.

Starleen Maddox has no time for reading as she may be losing her mind instead. She seems to be missing some time and can't figure out where it's going. During her missing minutes, men are being murdered at an alarming rate and in some strange ways. Is she doing these terrible things...or is there something else going on here that Starleen is unaware of? After being dumped by the love of her life, Starleen is being counseled and has some rage issues towards the man she still loves. Her counselor seems to think that she is just having normal thoughts and things will get better. But Starleen is beginning to think she may be more sick than even she imagines.

Terri Ann Armstrong takes us on a terrifying trip through the mind of a killer who kills with medieval weaponry in a most savage manor. The story unfolds quickly and keeps you guessing as to who the culprit really is and why these terrible crimes are happening.

Great characters and even better murder methods tell a tale that will keep the reader guessing to the end. The story is fast-paced and progresses along quickly, keeping you on the edge till the gruesome end. Ms Armstrong has done it again with this second in her series and we can't wait to read the next installment.

I am giving Medieval Menace a 4 spider rating and suggesting this read to anyone who likes a fast-paced thriller with a kick. Go get it.

DJ Weaver

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