Thursday, July 28, 2011

Book Review of 'Chasing Amanda' by Melissa Foster

Chasing Amanda was written by Melissa Foster and published by Solstice Publishing in 2011. You may purchase this book from and find out more about Ms. Foster at

Molly Tanner has a wonderful life…now! She has a lovely husband who she adores, a son off to college with a bright future and she lives in a close-knit community in a great area…now. But things were different for Molly nine years ago. When a young child went missing in Philadelphia, Molly had visions she did not act upon and the child was found murdered. Guilt ridden, her family moved to Boyds Maryland and things got better.
Now, a seven-year-old girl has disappeared and Molly cannot ignore it. Not for her life—not for her husband—not for anything. She goes against everything to decipher her visions and seek the truth behind this tragedy. But Molly finds that the people—and the land—in Boyds hold some secrets she could never have guessed. She also finds there is another side to her husband that could cost her marriage.
This story is told from several viewpoints which make it even more interesting and gives it a twisted thrill that I have not seen before, but still flows well and reads superbly. If you are one of those readers who try to figure out ‘whodunit’, please read Chasing Amanda…it will have you pulling your hair out trying to pin down the culprit, but you never will until the very end. This is a well-written, well thought-out thriller with a kick-butt ending and it will definitely keep you on the edge. Melissa Foster is a writer to watch and Chasing Amanda is THE book for thriller lovers.
I’m giving Chasing Amanda a 5 spider rating and recommending to all thriller readers. Don’t miss this one.
DJ Weaver

Monday, July 25, 2011

Book Review of 'A Perfect Gem' By Winslow Eliot

A Perfect Gem was written by Winslow Eliot and published by Telemachus Press in 2011. You may purchase this book at and you may read more about Winslow on her website at
Crista Bruno’s husband is dead—killed in a car crash she cannot understand. With all this grief to bare, how can she stand anymore? She is about to find out her loving husband was married to another woman and he left everything they have to her. Crista then finds her New York firm wants no part of the scandal and asks her to leave the lucrative, public relations job she’s worked so hard for. To top everything off, her apartment no longer belongs to her. What is she to do?
Crista receives an email from her ailing father asking her to visit. The timing is perfect, but she reluctantly takes her kids and moves back to Tahton, the hometown she has not seen in twenty-five years. Back to the father she has not spoken to in twenty-five years—back to the man she never returned to twenty-five years ago.

Crista‘s father is suffering from Alzheimer’s and her high-school sweetheart, Gareth is now running the Tahton Market for him. How could things have changed so much? How can Crista face this town after what happened so many years ago?
Strangely, Crista receives a request from Pia Bruno, her deceased husband’s wife, who is living in Italy. She has recruited Crista’s firm in New York to handle a big public relations deal for her brother and only Crista’s expertise will do. Crista is whisked away to Italy to make the deal, but things aren’t what they seem. What does this woman really want and what kind of danger is Crista facing?
Twist and turns are the order of the day in Winslow Eliot’s newest novel, A Perfect Gem. This novel starts out running and never slows down, keeping the reader turning pages and gasping for breath. The story is well crafted and easy to follow with loads of emotion, suspense, love and hate…all the good stuff that keeps us on our toes and wanting more. I have read other books from Ms. Eliot, but I must say, A Perfect Gem has been my favorite so far. It compels the reader to cheer for the heroin, while hating the bad guys in the sincerest manner of a romantic mystery. Three cheers for Winslow Eliot and A Perfect Gem.
This novel easily merits a 5 spider rating and a hardy recommendation to anyone who loves their romance with a large helping of mystery. Put this one at the top of your list!
DJ Weaver

Friday, July 22, 2011

Book Review of 'Voice' by Joseph Garraty

Voice was written by Joseph Garraty and published in 2011 by Ragman Press LLC. Voice can be purchased through Amazon . You may also visit the author at his website

Joseph Garraty takes us into the musical world of heavy metal and the hard rock industry and explores just how far his main character, John, is willing to go for fame and be a legend.
John Tsiboukas is the lead singer of the hard rock band, Ragman, an up and coming nothing band with not much to offer, but weak vocals. Playing dive after dive, John has high hopes that the 'New Band Night' on campus will get them noticed, but at what cost. The stranger in the corner, watching, seems like an old rocker, but he has a deal for John. Approached by the stranger, John makes a decision that will not only impact him and his band members, but innocent victims as well.

Over the next few months, John Tsiboukas, turns into his stage persona of Johnny Tango. The band is rocking with their new sound and hot new guitarist, Case. All is going well until Johnny begins referring to himself in third person, seems to be talking to himself more often and starts mixing lyrics with that of screaming nonsense; hypnotizing the audience. Certain fans, start to appear, along with stranger and stranger events taking place near Ragman. The members of Ragman realize something is terribly wrong, when odd accidents start taking place all around them. John wishes he'd never made a deal at the crossroads that night.
Joseph Garraty pulls us into this psychological thriller Voice, making this page turner difficult to put down. I am giving Voice a 4-spider rating.

K. McNiel

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Book Review of 'Dark Corners' by Liz Shulte

Dark Corners was written by Liz Shulte and published by 4 Corners Press in 2011. You may purchase it at and visit the author at

Ella is a well-known writer who lives in a house that she is bound to by a real life murder mystery. Her husband was brutally killed in their kitchen and the town folk have turned their suspicions on her. She finally becomes determined to find the real killer, but the house is haunted with entities adrift that seem to be working against her. Her sanity is threatened as she looks for clues along with Gabriel, a local detective friend, who will solve the mystery and hopefully give her closure and the ability to move on in her life.
As I started reading Liz Shulte's novel, I was impressed with her ability to infuse a strong sense of emotion and character into her main protagonist. Ella came alive for me as a person and I began to care for her—something that is essential to building a good story. After the initial introduction to Ella, I found myself caring so much that it was a little difficult getting through the first few chapters. The story and her life seemed to drag and there wasn't a lot of zing to the story. Questions that were inserted in my mind earlier in the story, lingered a bit too long for my taste and the tale lost some of the pop that I was looking for. However, the story soon recovered nicely and all of the story's neighborhood characters, including the ghosts, began to compete for a really good supernatural whodunit.
Liz Shulte has crafted a worthwhile read and I recommend that you find a place for Dark Corners on your bookshelf. I enjoyed it and am giving it a 3 spider rating. I look forward to more from this author in the future.
T Riddell

Monday, July 18, 2011

Book Review of 'Slingshot' by Marc Douglas

Slingshot was written by Marc Douglas and published by EDGE Publishers in 2010. It is available for purchase at You can learn more about Marc by visiting his website at
As Earth’s resources dwindle to nothing and the human population continues to explode at an alarming rate, scientists are forced to look to the stars for an alternate planet to support human life. A long range telescope that uses pinpoint-light to search through the heavens, stumbles upon a planet that mirrors Earth’s atmosphere.
In a bold and technologically advanced move, scientists discover and use the ‘slingshot’ method to transport ships carrying humans to the planet for colonization. As two separate ships crash on the planet and are lost to Earth’s radars, all on board believe they are alone on this new world. But, soon the two colonies clash in a battle for land, power and life.
A deep, dark and riveting glimpse at what ‘could’ happen. Slingshot takes the reader to a dystopian society and all of its madness and drops them down, right in the center of the action. Marc Douglas has touched on the very worst and the very best parts of us as humans and he has done so with scary accuracy. Slingshot is a well written, rich story with a cast of characters you won’t soon forget. I am giving Slingshot a 5-spider rating. Fans of Dean Koontz will devour Slingshot like rare, literary candy!

CK Webb

Friday, July 15, 2011

Book Review of 'Shadow of Guilt' by Michael Davis

Shadow of Guilt was written by Michael Davis and published by Champagne Books in December, 2010. You may purchase it at
Sean Paterson is forced to carry scars of an unhappy childhood and Detective Christine Sheppy is tormented by the misery of those cast aside and by guilt from a desperate act. The two are brought together by the tragic murder of a young girl and her last request that her child be kept safe. The two join to protect the child and solve the mystery behind the young girl’s existence and bitter past. What they uncover will have them asking if there are really random occurrences or if everything happens for a reason.
Michael Davis' book is well written and made me feel as if I was a part of the action. I originally didn't think I would care for this book, but soon found it to be interesting and full of heart. Shadow of Guilt was loaded with mystery, romance and love and really will make you question random occurrences. I recommend this book to anyone and it’s great for all ages and readers. I couldn't put this book down and can’t wait to read more from Michael Davis. I’m giving this book 5 spider rating. If you want a good mystery, Shadow of Guilt is for you!!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Book Review of 'A Life for a Life' by Tim Ellis

A Life for a Life was written by Tim Ellis and the Kindle edition was published in 2010. It is available for purchase at,, and You can visit the author's website at As the author is from the United Kingdom, the story is written in an enjoyable British-English dialog.
A Life for a Life is the first book in the Detective Inspector Jed Parish and Constable Mary Richards series and you will not be disappointed! Mr. Ellis has a way of bringing these two characters together so you feel as if you personally know them.
After only being on the beat for three weeks, a chance meeting at a crime scene and a shortage of other police officers, D.I. Parish must bring Constable Richards onto his one-man team. As the story progresses, Parish realizes what a important asset Richards is as a partner and a person. While the body count keeps rising, Parish and Richards find themselves at a loss as to who is doing the killings and why this person is leaving a token in the mouth of the deceased. What ties them together? Why is the killer using an unusual weapon and what is the significance of that weapon? To complicate everything, Parish, a bachelor who has left little time for real romance in the past, finds what he hopes is his true love, while Richards is also working towards her own happy ending?
Little by little the reader is able to put the pieces together with a shocking ending. Twists and turns abound throughout the story, in the case and also in the main characters' personal lives.
Also included in this Kindle edition is a teaser of Tim Ellis' next book in this series entitled Wages of Sin which is now available for download. It looks to be just as good as A Life for a Life. I am giving A Life for a Life a 4 spider rating and recommending it to anyone looking for a fast-paced crime thriller with an ending to shock.
J Goehl

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Book Review of 'Digger's Bones' by Paul Mansfield Keefe

Digger’s Bones was written by Paul Mansfield Keefe and published by CreateSpace in October, 2010. You may purchase it at You may read more about the author at
Angie Cooper is down on herself for a mistake that cost her a bright future in the archaeological world. Just as she is feeling sorry for herself, the phone rings with a familiar voice from the past. Her best friend, ‘Digger’ as she calls him, needs her help and he needs it NOW. She isn’t sure what he needs her for but she doesn’t hesitate. Unfortunately, before he can tell her what is going on, he is murdered in front of her. Now she has to find out what he was trying to tell her and make sense of it all.
This book follows Angie all over the world looking for clues to what Digger was trying to show her. The twists and turns are everywhere and the action never stops. This book kept me on my toes throughout and Paul Mansfield Keefe keeps your attention the entire way through. Just when you think things have reached their worst, there’s more! Just when you think Angie is safe, something else happens. The plot thickens, twists and turns get exciting and then, the book gets REALLY good!
I absolutely LOVED this book. Keefe reminds me of Dan Brown, of whom, I am a big fan. Yet it is very different at the same time. Digger’s Bones is a mystery thriller for the ages. I would love to see it on the big screen and I want to read more books with ‘Angie Cooper'.
5 spiders from me for Paul Mansfield Keefe. If I could give more, I would. Digger’s Bones was simply FANTASTIC.
SB Price