Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Book Review of 'Digger's Bones' by Paul Mansfield Keefe

Digger’s Bones was written by Paul Mansfield Keefe and published by CreateSpace in October, 2010. You may purchase it at amazon.com You may read more about the author at http://www.paulkeefe.com/blog/
Angie Cooper is down on herself for a mistake that cost her a bright future in the archaeological world. Just as she is feeling sorry for herself, the phone rings with a familiar voice from the past. Her best friend, ‘Digger’ as she calls him, needs her help and he needs it NOW. She isn’t sure what he needs her for but she doesn’t hesitate. Unfortunately, before he can tell her what is going on, he is murdered in front of her. Now she has to find out what he was trying to tell her and make sense of it all.
This book follows Angie all over the world looking for clues to what Digger was trying to show her. The twists and turns are everywhere and the action never stops. This book kept me on my toes throughout and Paul Mansfield Keefe keeps your attention the entire way through. Just when you think things have reached their worst, there’s more! Just when you think Angie is safe, something else happens. The plot thickens, twists and turns get exciting and then, the book gets REALLY good!
I absolutely LOVED this book. Keefe reminds me of Dan Brown, of whom, I am a big fan. Yet it is very different at the same time. Digger’s Bones is a mystery thriller for the ages. I would love to see it on the big screen and I want to read more books with ‘Angie Cooper'.
5 spiders from me for Paul Mansfield Keefe. If I could give more, I would. Digger’s Bones was simply FANTASTIC.
SB Price

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