Friday, July 22, 2011

Book Review of 'Voice' by Joseph Garraty

Voice was written by Joseph Garraty and published in 2011 by Ragman Press LLC. Voice can be purchased through Amazon . You may also visit the author at his website

Joseph Garraty takes us into the musical world of heavy metal and the hard rock industry and explores just how far his main character, John, is willing to go for fame and be a legend.
John Tsiboukas is the lead singer of the hard rock band, Ragman, an up and coming nothing band with not much to offer, but weak vocals. Playing dive after dive, John has high hopes that the 'New Band Night' on campus will get them noticed, but at what cost. The stranger in the corner, watching, seems like an old rocker, but he has a deal for John. Approached by the stranger, John makes a decision that will not only impact him and his band members, but innocent victims as well.

Over the next few months, John Tsiboukas, turns into his stage persona of Johnny Tango. The band is rocking with their new sound and hot new guitarist, Case. All is going well until Johnny begins referring to himself in third person, seems to be talking to himself more often and starts mixing lyrics with that of screaming nonsense; hypnotizing the audience. Certain fans, start to appear, along with stranger and stranger events taking place near Ragman. The members of Ragman realize something is terribly wrong, when odd accidents start taking place all around them. John wishes he'd never made a deal at the crossroads that night.
Joseph Garraty pulls us into this psychological thriller Voice, making this page turner difficult to put down. I am giving Voice a 4-spider rating.

K. McNiel

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