Monday, November 7, 2011

Book Review of 'Blood & Water' by Ephraim Rodriguez

Blood & Water was written and published by Ephraim Rodriguez. You may purchase the book at  

Henry Michael Fischer is a lobster fisherman who wants nothing, but to carry on the family tradition. He learned to fish with his father, beginning when he was just a boy. His family has lived in the same house and fished on the same boat for generations. Now it is his turn.

Throughout various stages of his life, Michael is haunted by his father. Michael watched his father die on the fishing boat. Since that day, Michael had to be the male figure for the Fischer home. He had to take on the role of the protector. Follow Michael as he grows into a man, gaining a family of his own, and learning who he is. Michael sees his father, and feels his presence, at various stages of his life. Is this to guide him or haunt him? Is Michael living the life he is supposed to live?

Blood & Water is an interesting story of the life of this man. This book tells how a boy, and later the man he becomes, is haunted by his father. In his dreams, and seemingly in his waking life, his father returns to send messages. Some of his messages are reminders, and some are just scary.

This was a simple read and an interesting story and I’m giving it a 3 spider rating.

SB Price

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