Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Book Review of CHASING SUNSETS by Eva Marie Everson

Chasing Sunsets was written by Eva Marie Everson and published by Revell in 2011. You may purchase this book at and you may read more about the author at  

Kimberly Tucker is living a life that she never expected. Her failed marriage has left her wondering what went wrong. Her ex-husband seems to be living it up while she tries to keep her two sons close. So when a Family Court judge decides her children should spend five weeks of their summer vacation with their dad, Kimberly is at loose ends.

Then, Kim’s father asks her to go to the family summer home in Cedar Key, to spend a few weeks finding someone to keep the place up since the previous caretaker has died. It is a place she always loved until her mother died and a place she has not been to since. Kim balks at the idea of spending time in Cedar Key even though it was where she was happiest and where she found her first love. She will soon find that life is always changing and that second chances really can happen for the best.

Chasing Sunsets is not only a life story, but also a fabulous love story. It is told in first-person so the reader gets a great feel for exactly how Kim is processing everything that is happening in her life. The characters are well done and make the reader feel as if they could easily be someone they knew in their own life. The story is sweet and the reader will cheer for Kim as she moves to change the parts of her life that can never work and become the person she always thought she was—all while coming to grips with the reality of her mother’s life and death.

Ms. Everson has written a great story that will take you back to your youth and make you wish for second chances—Chasing Sunsets is a fabulous read and will truly touch your heart.

5 Spiders for Chasing Sunsets and Eva Marie Everson.

DJ Weaver

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