Monday, January 9, 2012

Book Review of THE SILENT ARMY by James Knapp

The Silent Army was written by James Knapp and published by Roc in 2010. You may purchase this book at,com and you may read more about James Knapp at

The Silent Army is the second book in the 'Revivor' series. In the future, Revivors take the forefront in battle. Revivors are average citizens who, once they pass away, become a part of the Zombie army sent to fight for the citizens’ freedom. In order to live a better life, free of poverty, citizens must chose to have their corpses re-animated upon their death and enlisted in the military. There, they will commit horrible atrocities.

First things first…this is not your momma’s zombie book. The Silent Army is a most unique zombie tale told in an absolutely original way. This book is horror, sci-fi, thrills, and chills all rolled into one tight, little package. Terrorists and mutants bent on taking over the world, nuclear and biological threats, and an army of undead combating these harrowing forces, The Silent Army is an all-out riot of post-apocalyptic good times.

I’m giving The Silent Army a 4 spider rating and recommending it to all you zombie aficionados out there… good times!

CK Webb

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