Monday, April 23, 2012

Book Review of DEAD OF WINTER by Brian Moreland

DEAD OF WINTER was written by Brian Moreland and published by Samhain Publishers in 2011. You may purchase this book at and you may read more about Brian Moreland at

When a predatory entity stalks a wilderness fort in the 1878, Ontario territory, attacking settlers and spreading a plague that turns them into zombie-like cannibals, a law man and a man of the cloth must intervene to stop the slaugher.

Tom Hatcher has fled to the wilderness with his son to escape the memories of the Cannery Cannibal, a man he tracked down and imprisoned for his heinous crimes against thirteen women in Montreal. A hunt which cost Tom his wife and a bit of his sanity.

Father Xavier visited the Cannery Cannibal in a Montreal asylum and found him possessed by a shape-shifting demon with a taste for human flesh that can possess his victims and make them bow to his will.

Together these two men must combine their talents to destroy the demon before it wipes out the entire population of the Ontario wilderness, and claims their own souls for itself.

 Brian Moreland has written a wonderfully, creepy tale and placed it in a chillingly, frozen setting, making for a one-two punch for readers. The evil is so thick, the reader can cut it with a knife, and it spills over onto every word of Moreland’s well researched story. This tale has everything any fan of horror or suspense could want and then some. Masterfully written, it will keep you reading to the bitter end.

I’m giving Dead of Winter a 5 spider rating and recommending this book to anyone who loves a good horror/suspense read. This one has it all!

 DJ Weaver

Monday, April 16, 2012


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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Book Review of THE SEARCH FOR ARTEMIS by P.D. Griffith

The Search for Artemis (The Chronicles of Landon Wicker) was written by P.D. Griffith and published by Gryff Publishing, Ltd. in 2011. It may be purchased at and you can find out more about P.D. Griffith at

Landon Wicker is a psychokinetic who unintentionally releases his powers on his parents and believes he has killed them. He runs away from home to live on the streets. His powers are so great he can lift a school bus with his mind, and never touch it. He is found and brought to a place called the Gymnasium where he meets other kids with different abilities. He must learn to control his, while dealing with his awful secret. Then he meets a mysterious girl who makes him question what he knows about the Gymnasium and he must choose who is right and who is wrong.

This was a great book that I found myself compelled to keep reading. The Characters seemed so real, I felt I really knew them and the story drew me in and made me feel as if I were a part of the book itself. The end of the book leaves the reader with a cliff hanger that had me excited and ready for the next installment.

I’m giving The Search for Artemis, 4 1/2 stars and recommending this book to anyone, young or old.

T Lane

Monday, April 9, 2012

Book Review of DENIBUS AR by Chris Turner

Denibus Ar, by Chris Turner was published by Innersky Books in 2011, and may be purchased at You may read more about the author at

Denibus Ar holds secrets best left alone. Death traps fit for Indiana Jones and protective magic that Evvie and O’Connell would understand are what awaits readers who dare to open the cover and take in these pages by Chris Tuner.

Older than the Valley of the Kings, Denibus Ar has lain hidden under the desert sands for hundreds of thousands of years and holds secrets so old that even legend has forgotten them. What happens when the sight is eventually discovered and unearthed by a team of archeologists is a story shrouded in mystery and ancient magic.

A six-sided pyramid, the only one of its kind ever discovered, is enough to rouse the curiosity of the archeological community, and the possibility of ancient artifacts waiting to be discovered, has rumors flying throughout the dig site. The Egyptian military swarms the site, on the lookout for anyone trying to smuggle out valuable artifacts, constantly hindering the archeological team in their task to uncover whatever mysteries lie beneath the desert floor.

However, one member of the team, Australian archeologist, Carl Langley, is finding it hard to focus on the job at hand due to some very unusual occurrences since the dig began. A mysterious cat that seems to have materialized out of nothing; a mirage come to life if you will, and the strange feelings that he himself has experienced, drawing him toward actions that don’t seem to be of his own choosing.

In his efforts to discover what is happening at Denibus Ar, Langley uncovers a plot to steal the treasures assumed to be hidden within. It’s up to Langley and his friend Yammar to foil the evil plan, but the Pharaoh, Queen Karuka was a sorceress who went to great effort to assure her tomb would remain hidden. When they are discovered by the smugglers, strange things begin to happen, and it becomes a question of making it out alive for all.

I give Denibus Ar, 4 spiders.

Kaye Lynne Booth

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Movie Review of THE HUNGER GAMES

'The World Will Be Watching'
The Hunger Games is a Young Adult novel written by Suzanne Collins in September of 2008. It was adapted to screenplay by Gary Ross, Billy Ray and Suzanne Collins. The film debuted in movie theaters on March 23, 2012 and was directed by Gary Ross. It is enjoying its’ second week as the box office #1 hit.

Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Stanley Tucci, Woody Harrelson and Lenny Kravitz are just a few of the actors who grace the film’s storyline.

A post-apocalyptic story of Pan Am, the remains of what was once North America, The Hunger Games is a fiction storyline with a ‘what if’ feel.

Once, the people revolted and stood up for their rights, but in the end, they lost the battle. Now, to pay for their disobedience, they are forced to hand over their children for a spectacle of games known as The Hunger Games. When the wars ended, the new country was divided into twelve districts and each is ruled over with an iron fist by the wealthy and elite of District One.

Each year, children between ages 12 & 18 must have their names placed in a drawing. One boy and one girl are selected from each district to travel to District One and represent their district in the games. The Hunger Games pits child against child and District against District as those chosen fight to the death while the entire world watches.

There are 24 child contestants in The Hunger Games… Only one will survive, only one will win.

Katniss Everdeen, a girl from the poorest district, volunteers for the games to save the life of her young sister, Primrose. The first ever volunteer from District 12, Katniss has only one thing on her mind… survive!

I could go on and on about the movie and the books. I was particularly impressed with the way the movie stuck to the storyline of the book and did not stray from the powerful world that the writer created. The Hunger Games is a dark tale with some very harsh scenes, but with enough hope and compassion and brilliant chemistry between characters, the viewer will be sucked in to this deeply moving theatrical piece.
The casting of the film was wonderful. Jennifer Lawrence plays Katniss Everdeen as if she were born to do so. There are some fantastic, fun and sometimes shocking performances from Stanly Tucci, Woody Harrelson and even Lenny Kravitz which add to the film's brilliance.

A visually striking film, with wonderful special effects and cinematography, The Hunger Games is a MUST SEE for 2012. There has not been a book written with such originality and heart in many years and the screen version of The Hunger Games gives us a look at something truly unique.

I did not feel that this was too graphic for my children, (they were in the theater right next to me and loved it) but there are some parents who may… know your children and what they can handle emotionally.
For me, The Hunger Games was a solid 5, but for the simple fact that not EVERYONE will be able to see it, I am giving it a 4 ½ spider rating and BEGGING you not to miss this movie on the big screen. A beautifully written novel and a fantastically executed movie will surely make The Hunger Games an instant classic.

Run out right now and see the movie and remember…
'May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor’

CK Webb