Monday, April 23, 2012

Book Review of DEAD OF WINTER by Brian Moreland

DEAD OF WINTER was written by Brian Moreland and published by Samhain Publishers in 2011. You may purchase this book at and you may read more about Brian Moreland at

When a predatory entity stalks a wilderness fort in the 1878, Ontario territory, attacking settlers and spreading a plague that turns them into zombie-like cannibals, a law man and a man of the cloth must intervene to stop the slaugher.

Tom Hatcher has fled to the wilderness with his son to escape the memories of the Cannery Cannibal, a man he tracked down and imprisoned for his heinous crimes against thirteen women in Montreal. A hunt which cost Tom his wife and a bit of his sanity.

Father Xavier visited the Cannery Cannibal in a Montreal asylum and found him possessed by a shape-shifting demon with a taste for human flesh that can possess his victims and make them bow to his will.

Together these two men must combine their talents to destroy the demon before it wipes out the entire population of the Ontario wilderness, and claims their own souls for itself.

 Brian Moreland has written a wonderfully, creepy tale and placed it in a chillingly, frozen setting, making for a one-two punch for readers. The evil is so thick, the reader can cut it with a knife, and it spills over onto every word of Moreland’s well researched story. This tale has everything any fan of horror or suspense could want and then some. Masterfully written, it will keep you reading to the bitter end.

I’m giving Dead of Winter a 5 spider rating and recommending this book to anyone who loves a good horror/suspense read. This one has it all!

 DJ Weaver

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