Monday, April 9, 2012

Book Review of DENIBUS AR by Chris Turner

Denibus Ar, by Chris Turner was published by Innersky Books in 2011, and may be purchased at You may read more about the author at

Denibus Ar holds secrets best left alone. Death traps fit for Indiana Jones and protective magic that Evvie and O’Connell would understand are what awaits readers who dare to open the cover and take in these pages by Chris Tuner.

Older than the Valley of the Kings, Denibus Ar has lain hidden under the desert sands for hundreds of thousands of years and holds secrets so old that even legend has forgotten them. What happens when the sight is eventually discovered and unearthed by a team of archeologists is a story shrouded in mystery and ancient magic.

A six-sided pyramid, the only one of its kind ever discovered, is enough to rouse the curiosity of the archeological community, and the possibility of ancient artifacts waiting to be discovered, has rumors flying throughout the dig site. The Egyptian military swarms the site, on the lookout for anyone trying to smuggle out valuable artifacts, constantly hindering the archeological team in their task to uncover whatever mysteries lie beneath the desert floor.

However, one member of the team, Australian archeologist, Carl Langley, is finding it hard to focus on the job at hand due to some very unusual occurrences since the dig began. A mysterious cat that seems to have materialized out of nothing; a mirage come to life if you will, and the strange feelings that he himself has experienced, drawing him toward actions that don’t seem to be of his own choosing.

In his efforts to discover what is happening at Denibus Ar, Langley uncovers a plot to steal the treasures assumed to be hidden within. It’s up to Langley and his friend Yammar to foil the evil plan, but the Pharaoh, Queen Karuka was a sorceress who went to great effort to assure her tomb would remain hidden. When they are discovered by the smugglers, strange things begin to happen, and it becomes a question of making it out alive for all.

I give Denibus Ar, 4 spiders.

Kaye Lynne Booth

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