Sunday, April 15, 2012

Book Review of THE SEARCH FOR ARTEMIS by P.D. Griffith

The Search for Artemis (The Chronicles of Landon Wicker) was written by P.D. Griffith and published by Gryff Publishing, Ltd. in 2011. It may be purchased at and you can find out more about P.D. Griffith at

Landon Wicker is a psychokinetic who unintentionally releases his powers on his parents and believes he has killed them. He runs away from home to live on the streets. His powers are so great he can lift a school bus with his mind, and never touch it. He is found and brought to a place called the Gymnasium where he meets other kids with different abilities. He must learn to control his, while dealing with his awful secret. Then he meets a mysterious girl who makes him question what he knows about the Gymnasium and he must choose who is right and who is wrong.

This was a great book that I found myself compelled to keep reading. The Characters seemed so real, I felt I really knew them and the story drew me in and made me feel as if I were a part of the book itself. The end of the book leaves the reader with a cliff hanger that had me excited and ready for the next installment.

I’m giving The Search for Artemis, 4 1/2 stars and recommending this book to anyone, young or old.

T Lane

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