Friday, May 18, 2012

Book Review of DEATH WHISPERS by Tamara Rose Blodgett

Death Whispers was written and published by Tamara Rose Blodgett in April, 2011. You may purchase this book at and you may read more about the author at

In a not-so-distant-future, scientists have mapped the human genome, and have found out how to give an inoculation in early childhood that will highlight the brain’s natural ability to use more than was used before, allowing paranormal abilities to show up in some of the population.  These abilities usually show up around puberty, and are now tested for in school.  The tests determine a youth’s aptitudes, be they paranormal, or “mundane” such as math, science, etc.  This is a story of Caleb Hart, the son of the scientist who first mapped the genome.  He is now at the age for any paranormal abilities to begin to show, and for the testing procedures to be done.  Unfortunately, he seems to have a very high affinity for the dead (AFTD), which gives him the ability to raise zombies, feel the feelings of the dead, and much more.  This is not the ideal ability to have, as there is a special “government school” that takes these children and trains them to do work for the government. 
Caleb must find out how to harness his abilities and how great they are, while trying to stay below the government’s radar.  Caleb doesn’t want his freedom stolen because he can be used as a tool for the government.  After all, the first kid with the abilities like Caleb’s was taken and never heard from again.  Caleb and his friends, some of whom have their own abilities, set out on a mission to find out just how strong they are while staying out of sight. 

This story is a good YA read.  It has the elements of action and adventure, as well as young love.  The author writes in such a way that you become invested in the story.  The reader will get to know these kids, and want to follow them further.  I would love to read more about Caleb, the J’s (his friends) and Jade (his girlfriend), to see how High School goes for them.  Young readers would love this story.  It is written from the perspective of Caleb, complete with teenage angst.  It’s a fun book to read, along with a great story.
4 spiders for Death Whispers.

SB Price

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Book Review of THE SPACE BETWEEN by Alexandra Sokoloff

The Space Between was written by Alexandra Sokoloff and self-published by the author in 2011. It is available for purchase at You can learn more about this incredible author by visiting her website at
Sixteen-year-old Anna Sullivan is a lot like most girls her age; she never really fit in and has always felt different from others. At the tender age of five, Anna’s mother abandoned the family, leaving Anna to care for her alcoholic father who suffers from debilitating Post Traumatic Stress from war.
The night is the worst time for Anna because once sleep finds her, so do terrible, graphic dreams of a serial killer’s spree on her classmates and teachers. The boy she secretly adores is always in her dreams and in them, he always dies.

Tyler, being troubled by the same, twisted visions, confronts Anna and tells her he sees the same ‘visions’. Together the pair decides the dreams are premonitions and attempt to stop the inevitable from taking place. But, things are not what they seem and the reality of the dreams is much more complicated and unreal than anything they could have imagined.  

The Space Between is six kinds of awesome! Alexandra Sokoloff has created an intricate tapestry; a dark Young Adult novel with threads of horror and science fiction that make it a true original and unlike any I have read
 Loaded with graphic, vivid images that place the reader in the midst of the mystery and danger, The Space Between is a must read. Alexandra has taken psychological elements, quantum physics and multiple dimensions with parallel universes and created a storyline that has no equal. I cannot say enough good things about this book, but don’t take my word for it… run out, RIGHT NOW and pick up your copy. Perhaps on another parallel, in a different dimension of life… you already have!! 5-spiders without a doubt!!

CK Webb