Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Book Review of THE SHROUD KEY by Vincent Zandri

THE SHROUD KEY was written by Vincent Zandri and published by Bear Media in September, 2013. You can purchase this novel at www.amazon.con and you may find out more about Vincent at www.vincentzandri.com

Chase Baker is exactly what he appears to be… a womanizing, ‘Indiana Jones’, without the degrees, who thrives on adventure and excitement. Add one damsel in distress, a missing professor, and a mysterious set of bones, and you have one more thrilling read from the masterful pen of International Best Selling author, Vincent Zandri.

The beautiful ex-wife of Chase’s former partner, Professor Andre Manion, enlists his aid in finding the kidnapped professor. Chase discovers that the professor could have vital information as to the location of the most important archeological discovery of modern times… the bones of Jesus Christ. He sets off on a search to recover the professor and locate the bones, before someone beats him to it or kills him first.

Zandri has brought back that wonderful ‘quest’ story that keeps the reader alert and pinging with anticipation from beginning to end. His ‘Chase Baker’ character is cocky, smart, and multi-talented, but with that brotherly quality that reminds you of a best friend in school. These are the types of characters we remember and follow, and Zandri does them with flair, along with non-stop action and a surprise ending. What thriller reader could not love that?

THE SHROUD KEY is a 5 spider read and well worth every minute.

DJ Weaver

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Book Review Of CITY OF LOST DREAMS by Magnus Flyte


  CITY OF LOST DREAMS was written by Magnus Flyte* and published by Penguin Books in November, 2013. It is available for purchase at www.amazon.com 
  Magnus Flyte is a pen name for the writing duo of, Meg Howrey and Christina Lynch. Howrey is the author of the novels, The Cranes Dance and Blind Sight. She lives in Los Angeles. Lynch, who lives near Sequoia National Park, is a television writer and journalist.
 Sarah Weston is looking for a cure for her friend, Pollina, a blind teenage composer who is on the cusp of greatness. But, her life force is running out and time is a precious thing. As Sarah twists her way through the storyline she does so while taking mind-altering drugs: drugs that allow her to jump from one time to another, all the while being pursued by a treacherous foe.
  Flyte has blended mystery, science-fi, alchemy and even some fantasy all into one neat little package. And, they have done so seamlessly!!
Readers will be swept away to wonderful corners of the globe while the writers bring the places and surroundings to life with their intricate and detailed descriptions. I have never visited Prague or Vienna, but since reading CITY OF LOST DREAMS, it is as though the memories of Prague and Vienna were my own. Hats off to the writers for such wonderful descriptions!
 I like to call this novel, the thinking man’s (or woman’s) fiction. With detailed and intelligent passages, I felt smarter just reading this tale filled with science and alchemy and even some history for good measure.
The two authors have blended their voices so well that the story flows effortlessly and smoothly.
I can’t say enough good things about this novel, and look forward to the next installment in the series.
I am giving CITY OF LOST DREAMS, a 5-spider rating and urging EVERYONE to get out there and give this series a shot…you will not be disappointed!!
CK Webb

WebbWeaver Reviews

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Book Review of HIDDEN ORDER by Brad Thor

HIDDEN ORDER was written by Brad Thor and published through Atria/Emily Bestler Books in 2013. You may purchase this book at www.amazon.com and you can find out more about Brad Thor at www.bradthor.com

Brad Thor is thrilling readers again with his latest release, HIDDEN ORDER, but, this is not your typical Scot Harvath thriller… No indeed. In this new assignment, Scot is wearing a different hat… that of detective rather than Special Forces operative, and this fact may have many thinking that Harvath is considering slowing down a bit. In fact, there are a few passages in which Harvath considers ‘scaling back’ may be in his not-too-distant future, along with a possible switch to the corporate side of the famed Carlton Group.

After Carlton, Harvath, and several other top operatives in the Carlton Group are targeted for assassination, with several operatives being lost, the Group loses its primary Defense Department contract. This makes it necessary for them to take on any and all comers to re-coup their loses and get back in the game.

Enter Monroe Lewis, COO of the Federal Reserve, with a rather sticky situation. The head of the Reserve has died and the five contenders for his spot have been kidnapper, with one found murdered. Harvath is tasked with finding the other four before they too are killed.

This newest thriller from Thor will uncover the real truth about the Federal Reserve and its dealings, and educate the public as to the true nature of this, the most secretive organization in America. One which pretends to be part of the United States government, but with immeasurable power and non-accountability to the government or the people.

Mr. Thor has done his homework, uncovering a serpent in the garden of our government, and has penned a scenario that could easily come to pass. With his ever-flawless character development, story structure, and attention to detail, he has once again written a frightening and controversial novel, causing some sleepless nights for this reviewer.

Another great read from one of the writing masters of our time, Brad Thor’s HIDDEN ORDER is a stand-out, 5-spider novel worthy of everyone’s attention.

DJ Weaver

For Suspense Magazine

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Dual Review of Eric B. Thomasma's children's books, YETI IN THE FREEZER & THE WIZARDS OF THE BODY SHOP

Here at WebbWeaver, we are HUGE fans of Eric B. Thomasma and his children's books. Some people just have a knack for entertaining children (which isn't always easy), Eric is one of those writers. With a warm, special way of dealing with some everyday, but unusual goings on, Thomasma's love of writing as well as his love for children shines through every, single syllable.
These little books are wonderful and, there isn't one that has come from this author that my children didn't adore!
Written by Eric B. Thomas with illustrations by Lanin D. Thomasma. It is available for purchase at www.amazon.com
To learn more about this author, visit his website at www.ericbt.webs.com
Meet Brady and Dot. Two ordinary kids with something truly extraordinary living just inside their freezer!
That's right... Brady and Dot return home one day to find a brand new refrigerator and some pretty scary sounds. The ice maker in the fridge seems to have a mind of its own; growling and hissing and making bumping sounds, until...
The two discover Frasier, a tiny Yeti living in the freezer who only lives to make ice. All Frasier wants in the whole world is to be appreciated for his hard work (after all, ice making is a tough business with no room for error)
So, what starts out as fear for the children quickly turns into a learning experience. As the three come to an agreement on what they will do for one another, we see examples of teamwork, acceptance and tolerance...Three things we need a lot more of in today's world.
In the end, everyone learns something, not only about others, but about themselves as well.
I absolutely ADORED this wonderful little gem. I have a son who was extremely afraid of the ice-maker at his Nanny's house; so much so that he stopped visiting for spend the nights. I would have given anything to have had this book during those days. Sweet characters, wonderful life lessons and some of the cutest little drawings to accompany it,
Eric B. and Lanin impress again with this fun, little book.
A 5-spider book all day long!
Written by Eric B. Thomasma, with illustrations by Lanin D. Thomasma
It is available for purchase at www.amazon.com
When Cindy's father's car gets dinged up, it's up to them to take it to see The Wizards of the Body Shop!
Taking a simple concept that most of us never even think about, and turning it into an adventure, is a trademark of Eric B. Thomasma. This book is no exception.
A wonderfully fun little book with enough great pictures and words to get the kid's imaginations flowing.
If you have ever taken a child with you to have your car worked on, then this is the book for you. THE WIZARDS OF THE BODY SHOP is sure to be a favorite among children of all ages.
Endearing characters, fun and vivid illustrations AND there is even a bit of magic. You just can't go wrong with this one.
As a mom myself, I can easily see this book in auto dealerships and mechanic's lobbies as a way of entertaining the tiniest of customers. Your child will fall in love with THE WIZARDS OF THE BODY SHOP and so will you!
This book belongs on EVERY child's bookshelf.
I am giving THE WIZARDS OF THE BODY SHOP a 5-spider rating and recommending it to children of all ages.
Maybe you will find a little magic of your own when you read it!
CK Webb
WebbWeaver Reviews 

Book Review of Nancy Curteman's, MURDER DOWN UNDER

       MURDER DOWN UNDER was written by Nancy Curteman and published in 2013. It is available for purchase at www.amazon.com You can learn more about this author by visiting her website at www.nancycurteman.com
 The focus is on two American women who arrive in Sydney to visit a friend who now lives there, only to discover she has been murdered. Then, the chase is on to try and discover who could have committed this crime on such a good-hearted young woman. 

 There are many characters throughout the story and as it slowly unfolded, I found myself suspecting so many of them and turning the pages to see what would transpire. 

 I really enjoyed the very accurate and vivid descriptions of Australia, from the bustling city of Sydney to the rugged outback stations. The history of Australia and the Aboriginal people is described with much respect and is very much appreciated by this Aussie. 

 This is an enjoyable read and in many ways, very educational for those who know little about Australia. 

 I am giving MURDER DOWN UNDER 4-spiders and calling this one, a wonderful 'Summer Read'.

Cheers from Down Under,
Jennie J
Reviewer for WebbWeaver Reviews

Monday, October 7, 2013

Book Review of THE OMEGA PROJECT by Steve Alten

THE OMEGA PROJECT was written by Steve Alten and published through Forge Books in August, 2013. You may purchase this book at www.amazon.com and you may learn more about the author at www.stevealten.com

Anytime a story starts out with a super computer running the show or a trip to outer space, I get nervous, so imagine my total paranoia when I began reading Steve Alten’s newest sci-fi thriller, THE OMEGA PROJECT. It has BOTH, a super computer and a planned trip to a far, distant world. But, then the story starts moving along and the ‘scary’ really begins.

‘Ike’ Eisenbraun is asked to join a team of would-be space travelers, before the start of their trip, to ferret out a psychopath in the group. Little does he know that the psychopath he is seeking is the super computer that he, himself invented. Slapped into a cryo tube against his will, Ike is taken back in time… or is it forward in time, to a place so unrecognizable, he is shocked to find he is actually still on earth, but millions of years into the future. Ike must figure out how to save himself as well as what’s left of the human race.

For this reader, Alten’s newest novel is reminiscent of H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Rice Burroughs, with strange creatures, inhospitable terrain, and danger at every turn. The evolutionary representations of future creatures are both far out, and at the same time, logical. The writing is fabulously descriptive and imaginative… two qualities that shine through all of Alten’s works.

THE OMEGA PROJECT is a pure adrenaline rush that made me hold my breath and hold on tighter as Alten lays it all out for the reader. No sci-fi lover will want to miss this one. I may have to dust off my copy of MEG and re-read it, just to keep the magic going.

Right on the mark and well worth the time, THE OMEGA PROJECT is easily a 5 spider read and Alten has another winner.

DJ Weaver
(for Suspense Magazine)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Book Review of IF CHOCOLATE WERE PURPLE by: Jen Barton


  IF CHOCOLATE WERE PURPLE was written by Jen Barton and published June 13, 2013. You can purchase a copy at www.amazon.com
For more information on this author and her books, go to www.jbartonbooks.com

  In a sadly serious world, it is hard to find that right book for kids. Too much of this, not enough of that and everything in between. BUT, not in this book!!! Like the three bears I find this one 'Just Right'.

  A wonderfully addictive, easy to remember rhyme book with some of the most beautiful illustrations I have ever seen.

  This isn't JUST a book for kids...it is so much more than that. IF CHOCOLATE WERE PURPLE is wonderful for sharing with the family or even making a grown-up smile...how could you not?
I cannot say enough good things about the book as well as the author and I HIGHLY recommend picking this book up and turning it into a brand-new family tradition!!!
                            IF CHOCOLATE WERE PURPLE, how fabulous would that be?

 I encourage parents, grand parents and anyone who loves a child, to add this to their collection and share it again and again with the children in their lives.
If Dr. Seuss had been a woman, his name would have been, Jen Barton!
A Must Read!!!!
CK Webb

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Book Review of HER DEMON PRINCE by Cathleen Ross

      HER DEMON PRINCE was written by Cathleen Ross and published in July of this year. It is available for purchase at www.amazon.com or wherever fine e-books are sold. *please note there are paper copies of this novel also available* You can learn more about this author by visiting her website at www.cathleenross.com
*Maturity Warnings: this novel contains graphic language and sex scenes*

 I'm not normally a big fan of the paranormal genre but oh my goodness this was really something special !

 A love story that spans thousands of years and culminates in a most unusual showdown in modern day New York City. It's actually two love stories, as this novel deals with two brothers - one half angel and one half demon. However, all is not as it seems in this book so, fasten your seat belts and be ready for lots of twists and turns!

 I really enjoyed all the family connections in this story and really loved all the main characters - though some were harder to love than others!

 I highly recommend this to everyone but those who love a good paranormal romance will love it.
I give this little gem a 5-spider rating and urge ALL lovers of the genre to grab a copy TODAY!
As always...
Cheers From Down Under
Jennie J. reviewer for WebbWeaver Reviews

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Book Review of HEART'S WAR by Kathryn Loch


  A fabulously written, historical romance with all the suspense, political intrigue, human depth and wonderful characters I have come to know and love from Kathryn Loch.

Rose is an English noblewoman and Brynmor a Welsh freeman farmer who, by fate, comes to control the vast principality of Powys. Since their youth, they have had a bond so strong that nothing and no-one could ever break it. Their love, trust and respect for each other is evident in every page.
Brynmor is a man of few words, but his actions display an honor and nobility that far surpass any other man. Rose is a strong and feisty woman and a heroine I admire. When the Castle Powys comes under attack while most of the men are away, Rose stands a post and fights to defend what she holds dear.

As Wales begins to fall into a war for independence, Brynmor is put in the unsavory position of having to choose an alliance between his Welsh brethren and the English King, Edward (Longshanks). The decisions he has to make, I do not envy. His position was such, that one way or another, people would be hurt.

The political and historical accuracy are aspects I really respect and admire in a novel. The entire plot is woven together with such skill and makes for great reading.

A wonderful book and highly recommended for all lovers of romance, especially historical romance. I look forward to the next in the Heart and Soul series by Kathryn Loch. 

Do I recommend it?
Can we add a few more spiders to the rating??
5-Spiders AND THEN SOME!

Cheers from Down Under,

Jennie J.
WebbWeaver Reviews

Book Review of BELIEVE AND IT IS TRUE by Deborah Lloyd

  Deborah Lloyd has written a very intimate story detailing her own healing journey which continues to this day. Her personal journal assisted with the details in this book that will be an inspiration and perhaps a new avenue for many people to begin exploring. 

 Unexpectedly struck by polio at the tender age of three, Deborah overcame many obstacles to get where she is fifty years later. 
 However, another unexpected diagnosis of post-polio syndrome sent her on a journey of discovery. She was determined to find answers  and in doing so, had to move past her own limited thinking and open herself to new experiences that for her, were totally alien. The ancient Japanese healing called Reiki, was her first step into the unknown.

  Spurred on by her own determination and faith in a higher power, she begins to heal both emotionally and physically and shares this experience with the readers. 

This is truly an inspirational read and I highly recommend it to everybody who is ready to begin their own healing journey or maybe just read about someone else's.
An exceptional read with an incredible message, BELIEVE AND IT IS TRUE is a MUST READ!
An unquestionable 5-Spiders
Cheers From Down Under,
Jennie J.
WebbWeaver Reviews

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Book Review of POE by Brett Battles and Robert Gregory Browne

POE was written by Brett Battles and Robert Gregory Browne. You can purchase the book at www.amazon.com and you can find out more about these two authors at their respective web sites. Brett Battles is at www.brettbattles.com and Robert Gregory Browne is at www.robertgregorybrowne.com

Tough-as-nails bounty hunter, Alexandra Poe has a good reason to take on a job for Stonewall International, an agency that hunts down and captures fugitives from justice. That good reason is a chance to find her father more than ten years after he disappeared from her life, abandoning her and her brother.

With her mother killed in a terrorist attach and her brother in a mental facility, Alex is desperate to find her father and to know why he left them. She accepts the mission to be inserted into one of the most notoriously brutal women’s prisons in the world in order to pull out another female fugitive with information the agency needs. The woman also has information Alex must have in order to find her father.

Joined by her bounty hunting side-kick, Deuce, and her ex-army compatriot, Cooper, Alex goes into full kick-ass mode to get the mark out of the prison before she can be taken out by opposing forces.

Battles and Browne have created a female protagonist who can out-fight and out-think the ‘baddies’ as well as any man, and can do it looking good. Alex Poe is beautiful, tough, and able to dispatch bad guys with all the flair of a female ‘James Bond’. This story will keep the reader on the razor edge for hours of tense, nail-biting excitement.

If you have read stories by Brett Battles or Robert Gregory Browne, in the past, you know these two are awesome writers in their own rite, but together they ratchet up the excitement with this new series and readers will be clambering for more hard-hitting Alexandra Poe adventures as soon as they read the last page. Don’t miss this electrifying new series by these two remarkable authors.

Five spiders for Battles and Browne and their newest creation, POE.

Reviewed by DJ Weaver for Suspense Magazine

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Book Review of MENAGERIE by Rick Jones

MENAGERIE was written by Rick Jones and published by Hive Collective in June, 2012, and can be purchased from www.amazon.com  You may find out more about the author at www.rickjonz.com

Rick Jones has once again taken a cue from the distant past and turned it into a modern-day adventure story for thriller lovers everywhere. MENAGERIE combines ancient archeological facts with unknown possibilities from beyond our universe to bring readers another Alyssa Moore/John Savage adventure that will keep them nail-biting and turning pages into the wee hours.

An earthquake has uncovered something strange two-thousand feet below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico, and John and Alyssa are tapped by the DOD to investigate and gather information. What they find is a remnant of an ‘ark’ from somewhere in outer space, filled with something dangerously unexpected; along with a new theory about the near-extinction level event that took place millions of years ago on the edge of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Now, with DOD mercenaries and predators of another kind on their trail, the two must find a way out or die a horrible death.

Jones’ writing moves smoothly along throughout the story, and the characters are talented and amusing, while still being flawed in a way that makes them more human. This story is taunt and exciting from beginning to end and will leave readers wondering what is really out there beyond our world.

5 Spiders for MENAGERIE and Rick Jones.

DJ Weaver

For WebbWeaver Reviews

Monday, July 22, 2013

Book Review of CORNERSTONE by JM LeDuc

CORNERSTONE (Phantom Squad Series) was written by JM Leduc and published by Suspense Publishing in June, 2013. You may purchase this book at www.amazon.com and you may learn more about this author at http://maa0043.wix.com/jmleduc

CORNERSTONE by JM LeDuc would be considered in the genre of Christian fiction, but this author has brought to life a stunning action-adventure in the same arena with James Rollins and Brad Thor. LeDuc’s ‘Phantom Squad’, with leader Brent Venturi, can match wits with the best of them and does in this fourth installment of the Phantom Squad Series.

Venturi’s loss of faith, brought on by the death of his beloved wife, Chloe, sends him into a tailspin and back to the ‘beginning’, a monastery at the base of Mt. Ararat where he must face his maker in order to understand his destiny. Then, with the help of his newest prot├ęge’, Tag Achek, a Cree warrior and hardened Army sniper, Venturi must find a way to save the President of the United States and the members of the Phantom Squad from torture and death at the hands of an enemy from within.

JM Leduc is thrilling readers once again with his writing style and hard-edged approach in this exciting new page-turner. The characters are smart, capable and deadly, while the action is electrifying and continuous throughout this much anticipated sequel. I am personally, an action-adventure junkie of the tenth magnitude and this novel had my blood racing and my fingers itching to turn the pages. LeDuc’s research is spot-on and his religious representations almost saint-like. I must say, this is one of the most satisfying stories I have read in a while. Literary Awesomeness!!!

5 spiders for CORNERSTONE and JM LeDuc… GO GET THIS BOOK!

DJ Weaver for WebbWeaver Reviews

Friday, July 12, 2013

Book Review of HEART'S RANSOM by Kathryn Loch

HEART'S RANSOM was written by Kathryn Loch and published in August of 2012. You can purchase a copy of the novel at www.amazon.com You can learn more about this author by visiting her website at http://warhorseminis.blogspot.com/
Kathryn Loch has written a wonderful tale of romance with political and social upheaval set in 13th Century England and Wales. The historical accuracy is very impressive as the story of Talon and Gwen develops.
After King Henry reneges on his word to uphold the Provisions of Oxford to create a more equal society, Earl Talon Montgomery joins with Motefort to lead a rebellion. Henry's son Edward is taken hostage but little does Talon know his own daughter has been kidnapped and will be used to control Talons every political move. 
Suspecting another arch enemy, Powys, he decides to abduct his daughter, Gwenilian. Gwen is betrothed to a horrible man but on her way to marry him her party is attacked by Talon and his men and she is kidnapped. Little does Talon realise that's exactly what Gwen wants and that her father has hired assassins to kill her.
Slowly, Gwen melts Talon's heart and heals it after a horrible first marriage. Talon also comes to realise what a treasure he has in Gwen. However, his heart will never be completely healed until his young daughter Rose, is returned unharmed from her abductors. But who has her? Despite being gone for a while, no ransom note has been sent. What is really going on and how can he protect Gwen when he can't even find his own daughter?
This is a historical romance filled with action, intrigue, love and healing. I strongly recommend this fabulous tale
. 5-Spiders for this timeless novel!
Cheers From Down Under,
Jennie J
WebbWeaver Reviews

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Dangerous Waters

    DANGEROUS WATERS was written by Anne Allen and published by Matador in 2012.
   You can purchase a copy of Dangerous Waters at www.amazon.com
 You can learn more about this author by visiting her website at
Going back to the island of Guernsey, Jeanne knew it would be difficult but facing her demons turned out to be the easy part.
After losing her parents in a boating accident as a 16 year old, Jeanne bears many internal scars. The problem is they are buried so deeply that she eventually decides to try hypnosis in an attempt to finally heal.
   What Jeanne uncovers, however, is a lot more than she ever expected.  Someone on the island doesn't want her to remember and wants the past to remain buried. Suddenly, Jeanne faces danger of a kind she never expected. 
   As a debut novel, Anne Allen has written a story with mystery, intrigue, suspense and romance. 
It takes a while to get going though but if you stick with it you will enjoy the final outcome. 4-Spiders for this debut... a great Summer read!

Cheers From Down Under,
Jennie J
WebbWeaver Reviews

Monday, June 10, 2013

Book Review of J.K. Dark's DARK HARBORS

  DARK HARBORS was written by J.K. Dark and published by Poor Boy Press on April 3rd, 2013. DARK HARBORS is available for purchase at www.amazon.com
You can learn more about this author by visiting his website at www.onthedarkside.wordpress.com
   Jack Cross was a rock-n-roller with his band,The Pirates of Rock. Jack had it all; money, fame, prestige, but a series of bad decisions brought it all tumbling down.
After Jack's downward spiral, he manages to scrape himself together and throw himself into the only thing he has left... his boat, The Dark Cross. 
  Dark Harbors immediately reeled me in and refused to let go no matter how much I squirmed…it begged to be read and who am I to argue with a good book? 
  I have made no qualms about being a huge J.K. Dark fan and I will make none again today... a great writer, is a great writer in my book!
 DARK HARBORS is as well a researched piece of literature as I have ever read and it shines through in the text. Beautiful, descriptive passages, engaging characters and...
 PIRATES!!! The perfect Summer afternoon read.
  The story is so taut and fluid, it plays out like a great film in the readers mind as the plot twists-&-turns and buries itself in your psyche. This really COULD happen. J.K. Dark has done it again...
 A book about Sex, drugs, Rock-n-Roll, the High Seas and Pirates: now THAT really is a treasure.
 DARK HARBORS is a wonderful tale, uniquely told by a literary voice that is unforgettable. If you take any books to the beach this Summer, or load that Kindle or Nook, add DARK HARBORS to the top of your list...you will not be disappointed! 
5-Spiders from me, all day long.
CK Webb for WebbWeaver Reviews 


Book Review of John Mulhall's GEDDY'S MOON

GEDDY'S MOON was written by debut novelist John Mulhall and was published by Blanket Fort Books February 20th, 2013. You can learn more about John by visiting his website at www.johnmulhall.com
    Geddy’s Moon can be described with only one word…  Masterpiece! The characters are full of life and can be seen by the reader as clearly as if they were standing right in front of you. The level of emotion achieved by the writer is a true thing of beauty and not something you easily find amongst debut novelists.  I fell in love with the characters and found myself twisted up with every emotion they felt… I had to know more, I had to take that journey with them. I am so glad I did.

'Geddy's Moon' is a quaint little town in Kansas. Like so many small towns, Geddy’s Moon has a few secrets of its own and doesn’t plan on keeping them hidden for long. Tyler has been trying to recover his memory for some time when he finds himself in the windswept wheat fields of Geddy’s Moon; a new life ahead of him. He meets a woman and begins spending time with her and her son. On the surface, everything seems great, but it is what’s just beneath the surface that’s got Tyler on edge.
As each night in Geddy’s Moon brings more and more vivid nightmares, Tyler is unsure if those around him are safe; unsure if he is even who he thinks he is. As the dreams become more real, so do the childhood memories that began to race back in; memories that can’t possibly be real… or can they?
The story is complex, but well thought out. There are some horrifying moments, some brilliant twists-&-turns and the ending is, for lack of a better word, perfect!
I have seen so many readers comparing Geddy’s Moon to the likes of Stephen King and even Dean Koontz ( a pretty sweet comparison might I add?), BUT…

However, I will tell you that Geddy’s Moon is a book unlike any you have read and though the narrative feels familiar, like an old friend whose face has faded in memory over time, but whose voice stays with you and lingers, John Mulhall has stood up and screamed to the rafters and he has done it with a voice ALL his own!  A truly new voice has emerged… Horror fans take notice!

I am giving Geddy’s Moon a much deserved 5-spider rating and recommending it to anyone who isn’t afraid of the dark!
 CK Webb for WebbWeaver Reviews

Friday, June 7, 2013

Book Review of THE DEATH RELIC by Chris Kuzneski

     The Death Relic was written by Chris Kuzneski and published through Putnam Adult in 2013. You may buy this book at www.amazon.com and you may learn more about the author at www.chriskuzneski.com

Jon Payne and David Jones are back together again in this action-adventure romp by six-time international bestselling author Chris Kuzneski. If you have read his work before, you’ve probably met these two elite, military-trained heroes, who constantly make the reader laugh with their witty banter and keep us amazed with their prowess at outwitting their enemies.

The two badass best friends get together this time to save a damsel in distress and who doesn’t like that. From Mexico City to the Yucatan Peninsula, the team is on a mission to save Mayan and Aztec treasure and an artifact so powerful, it is known as The Death Relic.

Lies, deception, and kidnapping bad guys add to the story and compel the reader to turn the pages faster to keep up. Breakneck pacing and surprising revelations make this story grab the reader by the throat in true Kuzneski style, while bringing together a varied and realistic cast of characters.

Perfect timing, great personalities, fluid writing, and action, action, action, bring The Death Relic to life and keep Chris Kuzneski at the top of the action-adventure genre. Four spiders for this winning novel.

DJ Weaver
Reviewed for Suspense Magazine

Monday, June 3, 2013

Book Review of THE LAIRD: A Castle Blackstone Novel by Sandy Blair

   THE LAIRD was written by Sandy Blair and published by Winn-Hampton Press on February 7, 2013. You can purchase a copy of THE LAIRD at http://amazon.com 
  The Laird is a wonderful romance set in both modern times and in the historic highlands of Scotland.  It tells the story of Beth, a young woman with a heart-breaking background whose spirit and inner beauty captured my heart right from the very beginning.

Beth is the antithesis of most heroines in romance novels in the sense that she is described as 'plain' in appearance. She desperately longs to love and be loved but has resigned herself to a life without this heart's desire.

She unexpectedly inherits a castle in Scotland which is haunted by a ghost who has been trapped by a curse. She could be the chosen one who can break this curse but he won't know unless he take her back in time with him.

Sandy Blair has woven a wonderful tale of love, honour, clan loyalty, betrayal and adventure. I found myself fascinated by Beth's experiences in her time travel to the past and Blair writes with a humour I really enjoyed and I found myself chuckling aloud on many occasions.
Duncan, the hero is a sexy, hunk of a man with a strong sense of honour and bravery.

This book was a delight from beginning to end and I would recommend it to readers of all kinds!
All the best from Down Under
Jennie J. for WebbWeaver Reviews

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Book Review of THE EMERALD SCEPTER by Paul Kemprecos

The Emerald Scepter was written by Paul Kemprecos and published through Suspense Publishing. You may purchase this book at www.amazon.com  or wherever eBooks are sold. You may learn more about the author on his web site at www.paulkemprecos.com

Back away Clive Cussler and James Rollins… Paul Kemprecos has penned a thrilling action/adventure that crosses all boundaries and drops the reader into the thick of it. The Emerald Scepter is everything action/adventure junkies demand and Kemprecos does it in a manner that places him squarely in line to take command of this ultra-entertaining genre.

Matt Hawkins is a physically and mentally wounded ex-SEAL, kicked out of the Navy and living a quiet life, until he is asked to return to Afghanistan to search for a treasure belonging to Prestor John, a legendary Christian ruler, and in particular, an emerald-encrusted cross thought to be Prestor’s power as a ruler. This cross is the link to a much darker scenario where thousands of people are killed in an attack to rival September 11th.

Matt’s team includes an old military friend, his ex-wife, and a computer whiz that is just a bit crazy. Together they travel thousands of miles and gleen historical and speculative information to find the treasure before it falls into the hands of murderers wanting power.

Great writing, cohesive characters, and more action and thrills than the reader can calculate make this novel flow to an impossible-to-put-down ending and I will be diligently checking out more works from Kemprecos.

5 spiders and well earned. If you are an action/adventure junkie like me, you cannot go wrong with The Emerald Scepter.

DJ Weaver

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Book Review of AN INVITATION TO SIN by Sarah Morgan

An Invitation To Sin was written by Sarah Morgan and is set for release, May 21, 2013 from Harlequin Books. You can pre-order a copy of the book at www.amazon.com
You can learn more about this author by visiting her website at www.sarahmorgan.com

Taylor Charmichael, a wild child movie star looking to restart her career, and Luca Coretti, one part of a family dynasty, find themselves in dire need of‘respectability’. Solution: a fake engagement. What could be easier? But putting these two under the same roof is explosive – in more ways than one!

          Another fun read from the talented Sarah Morgan.

In this story, Sarah has created two very lovable characters, both holding onto pain from the past, both desperate to avoid closeness at any cost.
Taylor envies the way in which Luca lives his life – free and unfettered from people’s opinions. She longs to let go, to be the woman she really is. I loved reading how Luca slowly peeled away the layers to reveal the true Taylor. I loved reading how Taylor finally opened Luca’s eyes to the fact that love can be constructive instead of destructive.
The witty banter between hero and heroine had me laughing out loud more than a few times and the chemistry between them had me turning the pages to get to the happily ever after.
4 Spiders from me!
Jennie J for WebbWeaver Reviews

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Book Review of THE BURNING AIR by Erin Kelly

The Burning Air was written by Erin Kelly and published by Pamela Dorman Books in February, 2013. You may purchase the book at www.amazon.com and you may find more information about the author at http://www.erinkelly.co.uk

Erin Kelly has written three acclaimed, psychological thrillers, The Burning Air, being the third.

The MacBrides are the perfect family…or are they? Secrets cannot remain secrets forever and one seemingly insignificant lie told by the family matriarch, Lydia, takes the family down a path of destruction that could tear them apart forever, while destining one boy to a life filled with hatred and revenge.

This story, told from several different viewpoints, takes the reader through the intertwining lives of members of the MacBride family and a young boy named Darcy Kellaway. It begins in the present as Lydia writes her confession with all the intent of destroying it, but death claims her before she can. The reader is introduced to the members of the MacBride family and is given their backstories, each member having their individual trials and tribulations in life.

Then enters Darcy, whose story begins in 1996 with a devastating slight by the then-headmaster of Saxby Cathedral School, Rowan MacBride, the patriarch of the family. Darcy is rejected by the headmaster for a spot at the prestigious school, and the boy and his mentally unstable mother are devastated.

Darcy begins to plot his revenge on the family, which includes a beating administered to Felix MacBride that claims one of his eyes. His life becomes a series of events that include lies, deception, abduction, and murder—all of which Darcy feels the MacBrides deserve for Lydia’s part in his life’s downfall.

Twists and turns and nothing is what it seems in the culminating chapters and Erin Kelly makes the reader feel all of the pain, suffering, and psychological trauma of every character. The writing is flawless and the story is spot-on in The Burning Air. If you are a fan of psychological thrillers, Erin Kelly has written another fabulous story that should not be missed. Four spiders for The Burning Air.

DJ Weaver
(reviewed for Suspense Magazine)