Friday, March 29, 2013

Book Review of THE CROWNS VENGEANCE by Andrew Clawson

   Andrew Clawson has delivered a suspense filled novel with all the elements of drama, action, imagery, and lively characters along with a diabolical plot scheme only to be uncovered by ingenious protagonists.

Parker Chase, working in the financial market, and his girlfriend Professor Erika Carr uncover coded messages that bring back memories of another sinister plot which they unraveled in an earlier Andrew Clawson novel A PATRIOTS BETRAYAL. The similarities between this new coded message dated during the time of Paul Revere and the old case that they solved months previously lead them to believe that something cold and calculating is being planned. Parker Chase really wants no parts of it but is convinced by his girlfriend Erika Carr that they need to at least investigate it and break the code to see what they can find.

Their search and investigation leads them to the halls of some of Americas and Europe's biggest financial institutions. The more information that they stumble upon the more they find their lives to be in danger and then finally the realization that some very powerful power brokers are not only trying to silence them but also trying to bankrupt the United States in the process. Parker Chase and Erika Carr refuse to let that happen, moving against time and an assassin intent upon putting an end to their existence.

The two main power brokers in this plot have put together an immaculate scheme to drive up oil prices in the US and bankrupt the country. They have hired out an assassin to kill important government diplomats in order to get their own people in position to pull off the scheme. Parker Chase and Erika Carr however become a thorn in the sides of these two henchmen and their scheme gets diverted because of it.

Andrew Clawson has put together a novel that is a page turner and very hard to put down. If you are into suspense and fast paced action then Clawson delivers. This novel is packed with good well rounded characters in both protagonists and antagonists. The antagonists characters are brought to life brilliantly which makes it a much more enticing read because the protagonists can only be as good as the antagonist that they are up against. Beyond that Andrew Clawson has really done his research and weaved a story together that, although it's fiction, it has remnants of real life, current issues dealing with our financial institutions that could leave you wondering, can this really happen. Conspiracy theorists would probably say yes.

Suspenseful, action packed, fast paced and a definite page turner from start to finish, Andrew Clawson gives us a taste of his craftsmanship as a writer and THE CROWNS VENGEANCE should be ranked among classics like Pelican Brief. For this reason THE CROWNS VENGEANCE gets a resounding "5- spiders."

Y. Karima

Friday, March 22, 2013

Book Review of SECONDWORLD by Jeremy Robinson

SecondWorld was written by Jeremy Robinson and published through Thomas Dunne Books in May 2012. You can purchase this read at and you may get more information on Jeremy at

 Jeremy Robinson has once again, reached into his story-telling hat and pulled out a winning premise and the perfect protagonist to bring it to life.

 Lincoln Miller is an ex-Navy SEAL who is now an NCIS special agent. He is sent to an underwater research station to investigate reports of ocean dumping, But, what Miller finds instead, are strange red flakes falling from the sky, millions of dead or dying sea creatures, and most importantly, no oxygen at the surface.

 Fearing the worst, Miller makes his way to Miami only to find millions of people dead, while the culprits behind the truth of the falling flakes and their plan to annihilate all of mankind are still at work. He also finds a young girl in a hospital and together, they make a hasty getaway to Washington, DC.

 Tasked by the President with stopping the global chaos that will take place in seven days, Miller is joined by a Czech conspiracy theorist/cowboy, and a Nazi scientist’s granddaughter. The three must track down the source of the red death and the homicidal mastermind from the past who is once again reigning terror upon the entire world.

 Robinson has done a fantastic job with the characters in this story. Miller is the perfect AJ-squared away ex-Navy SEAL with a past that demands his participation in the story. Elizabeth Adler is easily likeable, but somewhat suspect right up to the end, and Milos Vesely is fabulously funny, but also clever and crafty. This trio works, and Robinson has made this non-stop action adventure, believable and harrowing.

 Crisp, fresh and scary as Hell, SecondWorld should be at the top of your reading stack. Jeremy Robinson has joined the ranks of ‘my favorite authors’ with this one. Five spiders for SecondWorld.

DJ Weaver

Monday, March 18, 2013

Book Review of THE TOMBS OF EDEN by Rick Jones

The Tombs of Eden was written by Rick Jones and published through Hive Collective in August of 2012. You may purchase the book at and you may find out more about Rick Jones at

 Professor Jonathan Moore has searched for this for years, but now that he’s found it, he’s also found its sinister secret. Too bad he won’t be able to tell his archeologist daughter, Alyssa, of the find of all time. No… he will never get to tell a single soul, because he and his entire team save for one, are gruesomely murdered by something sinister and unworldly, lurking in the temple. The professor gives his log book to his assistant to take back to Alyssa just before he dies and this will set Alyssa on a search for the seat of all humankind.

Eden—hidden for millennia, the beginnings of man. The most important find in the history of religion. Alyssa Moore, John Savage, and their team must survive while searching for the tombs at the center of the subterranean Temple of Eden. But they are being stalked by massive, unholy guardians of the tombs. Will they survive and can they decipher the secrets of The Tombs of Eden in time?

 Rick Jones has penned a hair-raising thriller with a twist, and just the brand of action-packed, non-stop writing I enjoy best. He has taken an awesome story, added a couple of emotionally-charged, result-oriented protagonists, a few really bad guys, and topped the whole thing off with a large quantity of whatever is lurking in the dark temple, brutally and savagely killing off the cast of characters.

 The Tombs of Eden is Rick’s fourth novel and first of this series. He is presently working on the second in the series, The Menagerie, and I, for one, can’t wait to read more from him in the future. Kudos and four and a half spiders for The Tombs of Eden.

DJ Weaver
(as reviewed in Suspense Magazine)

Thursday, March 7, 2013


                 INHALE was written by Kendall Grey and published by Howling Mad Press (which she totally is). It is available for purchase at
 This fiction book combines romance with fantasy to tell the story of two strangers who meet in dreams, but live drastically different lives. Zoe is a whale, marine biologist who is seeking the big promotion of a lifetime. Gavin Cassidy sings in a rock band but throws himself into partying and drinking as a way of coping with loss. Gavin has been called in dreamland to protect and save Zoe from the fire and figure out why she was chosen to be protected in the first place. In the end, he finds himself in love with a woman he has never even met and may not ever meet because of the risks involved.
 I loved this book!!! I read the first chapter and couldn't put the book down until the last words were read. I loved the story and the connection between the characters; how real it all seemed!!! The author has done a great job telling the story with heart and realness.
 I was amazed how the author explained their lives and didn't get you lost or tell too much. Like I said, great story and I would recommend INHALE 100% to anyone over 18. *Please note that there are scenes with sexual content and strong, graphic violence, but they only make the story better and more believable*
 I am giving Kendall Grey's INHALE, 5-spiders and more :)
 T Lane


                                                                                                                                                                        The Shadow of Tiamat: The Dragon's Blood Chronicles, was written by Sean Poindexter and published by Crescent Moon Press. It is available for purchase at
     Megan is a social worker in a small town. Not much changes in her life until she, quite literally, runs into, Garrett Terago, a mysterious stranger. After waking from the car wreck, Megan soon discovers that her mysterious friend, the same man who she ran down in her car by accident, has already claimed responsibility for the car wreck which wasn't his fault, and paid all the hospital bills: adding to the intrigue.
    Megan has never met a man like Garrett and it isn't long before she falls head-over-heels in love with him. But, there is a lot more to Garrett than meets the eye and it will take everything within her to discover and face the truth.
 The Shadow of Tiamat was a great read! Not normally the type of book I would choose, but the author quickly changed my mind on that. A cool and original concept, Sean Poindexter has put together a story readers are sure to love. All I wanted was good things for this couple and I can't wait to see where the author takes them in the next book from this series.
 Can't say too much because I would not want to give anything away.
So I will just say this... READ THE BOOK!!
I am giving The Shadow of Tiamat a 4 1/2-spider rating and recommending it to all romance/fantasy lovers.
T Lane


April's Kiss In The Moonlight was written by Jean Joachim and is available for purchase at  You can learn more about this incredible author by visiting her website at:

    April is a beautiful, intelligent girl who is seeking to lead her life in a different direction than her father. Eventually, April meets and falls in love with, Rusty but a tragedy will soon change all that. After April's mother intervenes and brings her back home to recuperate, April soon becomes focused on getting her life together. She soon meets fireman,Gavin Daly and soon the bitterness of her past is replaced with sweetness.

    Okay... first things first... I LOVE ALL OF JEAN JOACHIM'S BOOKS. I love romance novels and Jean does an incredible job of telling a beautiful story and making you fall head-over-heals in love with her characters. 

  Though I am a huge romance fan, but I am not easy to please. I never have to worry about that with Jean's novels because she never disappoints!
April' Kiss In The Moonlight is a fantastic read as are ALL of Jean's books.
I am giving April's Kiss In The Moonlight a 5-spider rating and recommending it to anyone who loves romance.
T Lane


   Cinderella's Secret Diary was written by Ron Vitale and available for purchase at
     This fiction book tells the story of Cinderella after the dream wedding and happy ending. The writer takes you on a journey into Cinderella’s life after the marriage begins and shows you how quickly things can go wrong… even in a fairy tale!
     After her marriage to the Prince fails because of his adulterous ways and her inability to conceive an heir, Cinderella finds herself miserable and unhappy. As she records her thoughts and feelings in a journal; sharing her world with us, a twist in the plot steers us in another direction.
    When I started reading this book, I was a little apprehensive and unsure if this would be the right book for me… I could not have been more wrong!  Cinderella’s Secret Diary is a new twist on an old favorite. Join the author has he takes you on a fairytale journey and shows you what happens in fairy tales after ‘The End’.
   I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a great story! I am giving this book 5-spiders and urging you to pick up a copy TODAY!
T Lane