Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Book Review of THE BURNING AIR by Erin Kelly

The Burning Air was written by Erin Kelly and published by Pamela Dorman Books in February, 2013. You may purchase the book at www.amazon.com and you may find more information about the author at http://www.erinkelly.co.uk

Erin Kelly has written three acclaimed, psychological thrillers, The Burning Air, being the third.

The MacBrides are the perfect family…or are they? Secrets cannot remain secrets forever and one seemingly insignificant lie told by the family matriarch, Lydia, takes the family down a path of destruction that could tear them apart forever, while destining one boy to a life filled with hatred and revenge.

This story, told from several different viewpoints, takes the reader through the intertwining lives of members of the MacBride family and a young boy named Darcy Kellaway. It begins in the present as Lydia writes her confession with all the intent of destroying it, but death claims her before she can. The reader is introduced to the members of the MacBride family and is given their backstories, each member having their individual trials and tribulations in life.

Then enters Darcy, whose story begins in 1996 with a devastating slight by the then-headmaster of Saxby Cathedral School, Rowan MacBride, the patriarch of the family. Darcy is rejected by the headmaster for a spot at the prestigious school, and the boy and his mentally unstable mother are devastated.

Darcy begins to plot his revenge on the family, which includes a beating administered to Felix MacBride that claims one of his eyes. His life becomes a series of events that include lies, deception, abduction, and murder—all of which Darcy feels the MacBrides deserve for Lydia’s part in his life’s downfall.

Twists and turns and nothing is what it seems in the culminating chapters and Erin Kelly makes the reader feel all of the pain, suffering, and psychological trauma of every character. The writing is flawless and the story is spot-on in The Burning Air. If you are a fan of psychological thrillers, Erin Kelly has written another fabulous story that should not be missed. Four spiders for The Burning Air.

DJ Weaver
(reviewed for Suspense Magazine)

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